Friday, February 5th, 2016

School communications company MGM Wireless wishes to let schools know that its School SMS family messaging service is available to any school across Australia at no cost to respond in emergency situations, such as the current spate of bomb hoaxes. 

The announcement has been made in response to media reports that only one in four Victorian schools has the capability to message parents efficiently during an emergency.

“In the past we have provided free messaging to schools hit by severe storms, bushfires and swine flu in NSW, WA, Queensland and Victoria,” says MGM Wireless CEO Mark Fortunatow.
“This current hoax is in a different category, being vexatious rather than a natural disaster, but we still classify this as an emergency, and therefore we encourage schools that do not have a system to contact us so we can implement a solution free of charge.”
Emergency systems for SMS can be set up within 1 hour.
“We can also provide advice to all schools, whether or not they are our customers, on how to design messaging that does not increase fear and alarm among their community members,” Mr Fortunatow said.
Parents have reported that the first time they heard about a bomb hoax at their child’s school was through social media or a school newsletter in their child’s bag.
“We have the modern communication available and we have proven time and again that SMS is the most effective and efficient way to reach large groups of parents rapidly and accurately,” Mr Fortunatow said. 

“Our Outreach mobile app allows school leadership to send messages and status updates securely even when not on school grounds, in cases where schools have been evacuated.”

The company will also refund its current school customers for any messages related directly to the bomb hoaxes.

“Based on our previous experience, in emergency situations like this it is crucial to keep parents informed and to let them know there is a process in place,” Mr Fortunatow said.

“Each school is a small community, and together we make up a large community. Together we can work to reduce the fear and confusion and combat the cruel and random nature of these hoaxes.”

Schools should call 1300 300 346 or visit

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 1300 300 346

MGM Wireless Company Background

Operating since 2001, mobile technology innovator MGM Wireless is recognised in Australia and internationally as a leader and pioneer of socially responsible technology-enabled school communications. The company has a proven track record in developing and commercialising innovative world-class technology products to improve student safety, learning outcomes and lifestyle.

The company’s patented school communication and attendance management software solutions use SMS, Apps and Messaging to empower schools to communicate effectively with parents and caregivers to improve student attendance, welfare and safety. 

Measurable benefits for schools include reduced operating costs, increased staff productivity and improved parent and community engagement, which ultimately improve student learning and social outcomes.

Over 1,150 schools and 1.6 million students and parents across Australia and New Zealand use Messageyou software in their day-to-day operations.

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