Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
National website Family Capers has launched the Kids in the Community program to promote and reward children’s’ involvement in their communities.

Run throughout the year, with monthly and annual prizes, the Family Capers Kids in Community program is a great way to highlight the part children play in the community.

Family Capers General Manager Linda Enever said the organisation was excited to be promoting children’s efforts through Kids in the Community.

“We have always championed the family involvement in the community, but now it’s time for kids to be recognised for the part they play. Whether they produce a written masterpiece, a work of art, excel in a sport or devote their spare time to community service, Family Capers wants to know all about these achievements,” Mrs Enever explained.

“Children who are encouraged to shine in areas that interest them might go on to build a career in those pursuits. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know the recognition they received as a child via Family Capers helped set them up for the future?

“Family Capers is contacted schools and community groups throughout the country to send in their nominations for Kids in Community. Join us in celebrating what our children can do,” she added.

The Kids in the Community program categories and age groups have been outlined below. Prizes will be awarded monthly to first, second and third placegetters in each category, with an annual major prize awarded to one child at the Family Caper Inaugural Family Convention in January 2011

Kids in the Community Awards Program:

Kids Writing for Kids
Kids in the community are encouraged to submit articles to their own online Magazine in Family Capers called KidsZone at FC – News for Kids by Kids! Articles can be fictional or factual as long as they are for kids and by kids.

Kids in Art
In addition to Kids Writing for Kids, KidsZone at FC has a Kids in Art Section where our children in the community are encouraged to submit artwork or picture of their artwork for their own online mag.

KidsZone Active Kids:
KidsZone at FC is also keen to promote Kids Activities from sports to music and all things in between. We want to read stories from kids about their involvement in sports and activities and the achievements of our children in the community. So if you are part of a sporting team, play sports or events we would like to hear about what you do. We want to hear about effort as well as winning and the fun of being an active kid in the community.

[email protected] Community Hero
Recognising our Children’s involvement in the community the [email protected] Community Hero Awards encourage nominations from the community of Kids doing their bit for the community. Whether it is their involvement in a community group, helping the elderly, school work, charity involvement or something else that adds value to the community if you know of kids or a friend involved we want to know about them!

The Family Capers community and judging panel select winners and runner up each month. The winners are profiled on the Family Capers and receive a prize, qualifying for our annual Kids in the Community Awards Program, presented in January 2011 at the Family Capers Family Convention and Awards Dinner.

For more information about the Kids in the Community program visit

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