Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
Partnership Agreement Was Concluded Between ICYOU AB (publ) and Zappa Events

SKOVDE, SWEDEN--(Marketwire) - A partnership agreement between ICYou and Sponsorhuset owned by Zappa Events has been signed. This means that ICYou will build clubhouses to 8300 Swedish sports clubs in Interactive city. These will include venues where both active players and supporters can meet and there will be message boards for communication activities about the club. Also it will be possible to upload games along with interviews with the coaches and players in the clubhouse's Media Centre and the option to purchase the club's merchandise in their own shop. While this is being built, we will connect the clubhouse with Sponsorhusets member stores, so that everything sold through this channel as before goes to the club.

Tobias Myhre, CEO. Zap Events, says "We believe that the new three-dimensional web that ICYOU has helped to create will provide more opportunities for Sport clubs in Sweden to generate more money to the clubs, so that they can continue to invest in everything from youth initiatives to elite teams. It feels like a natural development of what has already been created to begin this co-operation with ICYou."

Lars Erik Ottenvall, President. ICYou AB (publ), says "We are delighted to have formed this partnership, as it makes it possible to help numerous sports clubs in many different ways to raise money for their organisations, as well as being able to simplify internal communications within their own organisation. As a parent of children involved in sports, you often hope that they have not forgotten or lost the coaches paper work. We can help to prevent this by providing a service that will be posted in the clubhouse."

We will show pictures in the summer of how the clubhouse will look on our website and open Interactive City in the autumn of this year to the public.

About Zappa Events

Business idea

We create and implement events primarily by being a facilitator for companies, charities and sports clubs. The projects create positive values and profitable partnerships for all parties involved.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to take a clear social responsibility in every project undertaken and to work with events for charitable purposes, in co-operation with commercial interests. Whether it's in the town, in a shopping mall, a sports stadium, or somewhere else such as the Internet, we don't think it matters.

Who are we?

'Lets Try it' started in 2003 by brothers Pierre Andersson and Tobias Myhre and on the1st December 2008 changed our name to Zappa Event. We have offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm employing 13 staff.

In addition to the regular team, we also have partnerships with a multitude of projects and in addition to the creation and implementation of events, we also run and

We have contacts with many clubs in Sweden through our website Because we want to emphasis social responsibility in all our projects, we also work to help our clubs to reach out with their messages and raise awareness of their activities through these events. We also like to organise events that unite the common interests between businesses and sports clubs who both want to be seen working in association to create the infrastructure to implement these events.

Contact Profile

ICYou AB (publ)

ICYou AB, based in Skovde, Sweden, was created in the summer of 2007 by entrepreneur Fredrik Nilsson. The business concept is to create a global media and marketplace, which responds to the needs of individuals to meet and come together in virtual communities. The business world is looking to identify new customer channels and new ways of identifying these segments in a rapidly growing global market place. ICYou's virtual world 'Interactive City', is based upon advanced computer gaming technology and will offer individuals and businesses the ability to build brands, advertise and sell products.
Lars-Erik Ottenvall
P: +46 (0)733-17 28 81


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