Friday, June 10th, 2022 - Donna Bates

Donna Bates is one of the best corporate strategic planning consultants transforming businesses. She is the head strategist and coach of the Activate for Impact Coaching Programs that advises businesses across the world. Donna Bates works with a team of professionals to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and enjoy maximum profits.

Donna Bates understands that every business needs a strategic plan to beat the competition and achieve sustainable growth. That’s why she uses her extensive experience to work with business owners, CEOs, and management teams to identify and evaluate better growth opportunities. She provides general advice on business strategy and helps businesses create and implement a comprehensive action plan. Her strategic planning services often involve a well-defined business strategy and a detailed action plan.

Donna Bates also offers leadership training to help business owners reforge their purpose with clarity and intention. She aims to bring the best in business leaders so that they get to bring out the best in their employees. She trains them to develop an appropriate leadership style to unit their team around a common goal and a bigger vision for everyone involved.

The strategic planning consultant has worked with national corporations for over three decades. It has equipped her with the confidence and expertise to provide corporate consulting services. She gives business owners the advice they need to identify their goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. She provides one-on-one support and provides every client with the time and attention they deserve. She’s always available to help business owners sidestep potential challenges and work together with their teams to achieve the desired goals.

In addition, Donna Bates will be offering learning courses to help business owners understand more about running their businesses. The online courses will be a great deal because business owners from all over the world can enroll and reap the benefits. She is available to answer their questions and guide them in the right direction.


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Donna Bates

Donna Bates is a corporate strategic planning consultant who uses her skills to help local businesses thrive in any economy. She offers strategic planning, corporate consultation, leadership training, and online courses. Her goal is to help companies grow and achieve the highest levels of profitability.

Donna Bates
M: 0435 718 193


Donna Bates is a corporate strategic planning consultant based in Australia. She uses her extensive corporate experience to help local businesses thrive in the competitive world.




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