Friday, June 3rd, 2022 - IWPG

The Gwangju Jeonnam branch of the World Women's Peace Group (IWPG, Branch Manager Lee Seo Yeon) held a regular meeting of the World Women's Peace Network in Australia online on the 14th.


This online regular meeting was a time to talk and communicate about peace between South Korean and Australian members across the border. It was conducted in the order of introducing the IWPG Australian branch's 2022 activity project and introducing the 365 Peace Message Campaign of the Peace Room.


At the meeting, I had a time to think about "What is peace to me?" and write down my feelings. "Peace is about respecting and sharing everyone, and everyone feels safe," said Pari Khoshmashrab (from Manningham Interfaith Network or Manningham Bahai Community).


"Peace is an important spirit between ourselves, our families, and the wider community," said Joyce Safi, chief lawyer for the Sydney Safi Law Office. In addition, in a situation where peace is threatened worldwide, we must take the responsibility of the community to inform the importance of peace and the "Peace Declaration for the End of Global War" (DPCW).


"We live in different cultures in different places, but what we want in common is to achieve a world without war, a continuous peace," said Lydia Lim, head of the Australian branch of IWPG.


Meanwhile, IWPG is an international NGO of the UN Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC) with a vision of inheriting the world of peace to future generations, supporting and urging the enactment of "DPCW", and promoting peace culture.

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