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SolarQuotes’ Australian Solar Price Index covering April indicates lower solar prices recorded nationally in March went into reverse; but NSW and WA bucked the national trend with cheaper system costs.

In April there were significant increases in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia after drops in March. But NSW and WA saw significant decreases after increases in March. (With regard to TAS, NT and the ACT, SolarQuotes didn’t have enough data at the time of publishing this report to provide useful figures in those jurisdictions.)

These figures are sourced from the SolarQuotes Australian Solar Price Index, a handy online tool that generates historical solar pricing in each state and nationally, along with filters for creating reports on various system capacities and components.

The figures above reflect costs for fully installed systems, inclusive of all rebates and up-front subsidies. April’s figures are based on details supplied by 286 purchasers at the time this report was prepared, who chose to indicate what they paid for their systems when submitting solar installer reviews. These submissions included reviews of installers not within the SQ installer network.

Note that the figures above and in the graphs below may change as they are generated in real-time as new reviews are submitted.

Cost per watt nationally

The following graph shows average cost-per-watt across all system sizes nationally going back to May 2020.

6.6kW Solar System Pricing In April 2022

While many Australians are choosing to install larger systems these days, 6.6kW solar systems remain the most popular capacity choice. Here’s how costs have been tracking on this size over the past couple of years.

"There is no clear explanation for the price dip in March," SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock notes. "There has been some chatter indicating Australian wholesalers purchased large quantities of panels a while back for expected orders that didn’t materialise – and then struggled to offload them. Perhaps this temporarily took the heat off panel costs, but that doesn’t really explain differences between the states over the last couple of months."

Electricity Prices – a New Solar Rush on the Horizon?

Higher electricity bills are looming for many Australian households due to continued upwards pressure on wholesale pricing and other factors, making solar a wise move to rein in energy costs, says Mr. Peacock.

"Any significant increase in electricity costs will likely see more demand for solar installations, and if current import and panel pricing issues persist, this could see system prices heading north. But the fact remains, the longer a household puts off installing panels, the longer it is locking in higher electricity bills."

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Solar Quotes Australian Solar Price Index is a handy online tool that generates historical solar pricing in each state and nationally.



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