Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 - Girl Guides South Australia


Girl Guides South Australia, with support from the Commissioner for Young People and Children, will host a free Period Awareness and Education Day for all girls aged 10-17 on Menstrual Hygiene Day, the 28th of May.

Although nearly half of the world’s population menstruate at some point in their lives, menstruation presents significant challenges, says Girl Guides CEO Kerrie Akkermans. "The lack of comprehensive menstrual education means a compelling number of children and young people are not equipped to manage their period in a way that enables their full participation in sport, work, school, and life with dignity and safety.

"Full Stop. is more than just period talk. We want to inspire our girls to be bold and confident, to not be ashamed or scared of their period, Period!"

Evidence suggests that positive experiences of menstruation come from having access to high-quality information, appropriate infrastructure, and resources to support menstrual hygiene. These actions can also reduce menstrual taboos and stigma.

With an informative and fun presentation by Demi Spaccavento from Bright Girl Health, Demi is the most sought-after menstrual health presenter for schools in Australia. She has presented to thousands of students, empowering them to be in tune with their bodies and never dread their period again.

“My goal is to help equip students to make informed health decisions. It is also my goal to help them to embrace their period as an intelligent function of their body, rather than to resent having a period.” she said.

Joining us is the team behind the fight against Period Poverty, Taboo Period Products. Through exploring mental health struggles, discrimination, and shame that is often associated with periods, their presentation challenges girls to remove the shame around periods and promote self-love and self-respect.

“Periods are the reason the human race exists. Yet, they are also the reason so many people have limited access to basic human rights such as the right to an education, the right to a stable future, and the right to dignified menstrual support,” Eloise Hall, Co-Founder Taboo Period Products, said.

Girl Guides Australia is one of the largest organisations in Australia for girls and young women, improving their lives and providing a supportive and safe place for them to grow into confident, capable, and responsible women of our future.

Girl Guides South Australia is advocating for change to eradicate Period Poverty, breaking down the barriers girls, teens and women face every day around managing their menstruation comfortably and confidently.

Full Stop. will be a day of interactive information on periods and menstruation, menstruation support yoga, and product guidance and samples for both Guides and Non-Guides.

Full Stop. Breaking Down The Stigma Around Menstruation will be held on Saturday 28th of May and it’s not too late to get involved!

Visit FullStopPeriod to book your ticket. 1SACCYP: Menstruation Matters: The impact of menstruation on wellbeing, participation and school attendance 2021


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