Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 - Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast and Green Triangle Innovation Collective (LCGTIC) is organising an Innovation festival across the Limestone Coast from 22-27 May, set to feature 14 events delivered both in-person and virtually.

Established by a group of business leaders focused on growing entrepreneurial activity across the region, this will be the first project delivered by the LCGTIC in the hope of providing a launchpad for future initiatives. It is understood that the multi-day program will educate existing and aspiring business leaders on emerging industry trends across the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber security and more - while mobilising connections and growth of entrepreneurial activity across the region.

A spokesperson for the LCGTIC said that the program conforms to state-wide entrepreneurship strategies of "inspiring individuals, groups and organisations to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship", while providing "resources to start and grow businesses, celebrate their leaders and enabling a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem underpinned by business and investment activity".

Program highlights include:

  • Showcase SA’s “business accelerator” which will feature guest appearances from the Minister for Trade and Investment and CEO of DTI;
  • Millicent Business Community Association’s ‘Look and Learn’ of applied innovation at Kimberley Clarke Australia and Roundwood Solutions Tantanoola;
  • A Leadership breakfast and masterclass organised by the Women in Regional Business Development and Mt Gambier Chamber of Commerce;
  • Youth Entrepreneurship events, and a host of other learning experiences.

Chamber of Commerce President Hayley Neumann “urges the community to attend these not to be missed events for all of the business community, we are excited to be involved with the Innovation Festival, supporting our businesses in this way is important.”

Chair of Women in Business & Regional Development Jacinta Jones shares these sentiments, “We also believe collaborations with industry and the government are important
in supporting locals in regional areas and assist us in having such a high calibre speaker visit us and share insights into such important topics for business operators in the current

She went on to add that these events support the growth of entrepreneurial activity across our region and that “Opportunities like this should be grasped by our community”.

Tickets are now available for the festival, with prices ranging from $0-$120.

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Other attributed quotes:

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible to find and connect into the networks our entrepreneurs need” said Callena Rawlings, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Facilitator at
Flinders University’s New Venture Institute.

“There is a lot of activity, a lot of opportunity, a lot of wisdom and a lot of experience that can be shared. It’s an exciting collaboration; the private and public sector working together to
support and develop our regional innovation ecosystem.”

Supporting his enthusiasm towards this initiative, Limestone-Coast based founder, Geoffrey Dening, said, “The regional innovation festival is a vital stimulus. Inefficient outdated work
and industry practices stifle prosperity and quality of life. Innovate and benefit today.“ ##

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