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Australian Pool Company Blue Haven Pools has come up with a novel way to help Australians get a pool without having to spend a dollar.

With the recent rising costs of living, Australians are only too aware of the need to alleviate pressure on the household budget. For this reason, many homeowners have thought that getting a beautiful backyard pool was just too far out of their reach financially.

Thanks to Blue Haven Pools, this may not be the case. 

Blue Haven boss, Remonda, has developed a novel way to help Australians get a brand new pool without having to spend a dollar. This is achieved through refinancing the current home loan and thus opening up a huge number of possibilities, including shortening the life of the loan, reducing the repayments and allowing the use of the equity in the home to renovate.

They have the expertise to help Australians refinance to receive a better rate on their current home loan with the same lender (or a different one) and work in, for example, an additional $100K for a backyard transformation AND still save money on monthly repayments.

Blue Haven partnered with experienced people, so clients can have free access to an independent mortgage broker, who can not only discuss with clients their personal financial situation to discover whether this is an option for them, but also take care of all the heavy lifting.

Through the service, homeowners enjoy lower rates, a new pool and increased value in their home.

The scenario has already been a welcome relief for many Australians who are struggling with rising costs. Having thought they needed to save up a huge chunk of cash before they could get their dream backyard makeover, they are now enjoying that very backyard without having to make additional payments for it.

Blue Haven Pools are finding it is a very rewarding experience to help so many Australians realise their dreams.

The service is ideal for those whose home loan is already relatively high, and they are looking to refinance. 

If you are considering engaging with the service, speak to Blue Haven Pools in person or online. They will only be too happy to offer a free assessment. You will be informed within days if the service is right for you.

Call Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25 or visit www.bluehaven.com.au

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