Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Since the downturn began in the mining industry, Applied Research of Australia (“AROA”), a South Australian research based manufacturer who developed its cuttable fiberglass reinforced polymer (“FRP”) rock bolts in the early ‘90s, began to look at new ways to design and produce mining rock bolts. A major concern is the cost to the miners. Under the high labour cost environment in Australia and against the flood of cheaper and almost similar rock bolts from overseas, AROA decided to research deeply by focusing on the raw material components of the product. The move is sensible and logical given that raw materials would cost the same wherever they are used.

AROA is glad to announce that it has now managed to redesign and recompose its physical and raw material content to enable it to produce a much cheaper product. With this formula AROA is now producing the new 25 Tonne Eliminator Rock Bolts that are intended to be a 'one tonnage for all' cuttable rock bolt that can be used to replace the present requirements of predominantly used 15 Tonne and 20 Tonne Eliminator Rock Bolts. Until today, AROA remains the only manufacturer in the world that produces the Herringbone® profile – a type of deformed bar profile that enhances the installation performance of chemical-anchored rock bolts widely used for ground support in mine development activities. The price of the new rock bolts is expected to be cheaper than the prices that mines are paying now for imported rock bolts.

It is AROA’s aspiration, mission and wish that all miners should directly enjoy these cheaper prices so that their operating costs can adjust to a new level.


AROA invites all miners to have a look at their range of mining products. There are other mining consumables that can be packaged to be cheaper in the same fashion as the 25 Tonne rock bolts. The package can also include products from AROA’s strategic alliance partners and business allies to benefit the range. AROA would also like to call upon all makers of mining products and contractors to consider a similar approach, and find ways to help our miners to bring down their operating costs.

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Applied Research of Australia

Applied Research of Australia (AROA) is an Australian-owned company with a proud 40+ year history in the research, development and commercialisation of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite technology. Our products are used for a range of industrial, and reinforcement, applications across sectors including mining, civil construction and environmental. 

Our range of standard products include FRP rock bolts, FRP rebar, FRP nuts, soil nails, thermoplastic washer plates, and corrugated plastic surface support mesh sheets designed for use in a range of reinforcement applications. AROA has the people, processes and technology to develop and mould FRP profiles customised to meet client requirements - for unique reinforcement requirements, or for any other industrial application where steel replacement provides ongoing benefit.

AROA also provides other product applications for industrial, and commercial, use. This includes our Like Armour product, offering superior protection from corrosion for bare metals, and our Super Clean Dioxide product, a cleansing agent providing a superior, clean and safe alternative to traditional disinfectant methods.

We have the manufacturing processes, capability and expertise to scale-up production to meet large-scale orders, ensuring timely site delivery. All AROA products are self-designed and proudly manufactured in South Australia. Our focus on continuous improvement and critical investment in R&D places us at the forefront of FRP ground support technology.


Faizal Khalid
P: +61882592200
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W: www.aroa.com.au


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