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During covid we all learnt some things; Annisa B learnt that her chronic pain and fatigue and passing out in public toilets, was in fact severe endometriosis. Imagine being misdiagnosed by 7 doctors, for 17 years and told by a Gynaecologist that “it’s all in your head”.  Great news! You don’t have to imagine because it’s all in her Sydney Comedy Festival Show, Lethally Blonde - a danger to myself.


“Not to be dramatic, but I ALMOST DIED!” Now in her early 30s, all her friends are having babies and she’s going through menopause. The joys of having a chronic disease you’ve kept hidden for 17 years. Annisa B is about to take you on a journey of what it’s truly like to have a chronic illness no one can see. How mental health is just a wonderland of torturous fun, how to take cancer medication like a slice of cake, and how a simple trip to pathology can have you questioning all your bathroom choices.


“My goal is to make all the taboo topics we don’t talk about, depression, women’s health, vagina health - general dinner conversation… well maybe after a few drinks”


“I was pushed aside by the medical profession for years, told there was nothing wrong with me when this condition was affecting my relationships, career, love life and day to day activities, and I’m not the only one.”


If you have a vagina, had a vagina, come out of a vagina, come in contact with a vagina or always wondered about the mysteries of the vagina, this is a show for you. It’s time to make chronic pain, chronically hilarious. She’s lethally blonde and a complete danger to herself.



is showing as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville.

9:30 pm.

Wednesday, May 4th and Friday, May 6th.


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Annisa Belonogoff

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