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Soprano, a global leader in CPaaS and communications technology, has announced the acquisition of ubisend, a leading conversational AI company based in the UK.

ubisend is a pioneer in chatbot communications for businesses and has made advancements in artificial intelligence to enable highly engaging business communications in leading communication channels such as Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace, Instagram, Telegram and email.

The ubisend solution has been adopted by globally recognised brands, including Unilever, Wagamama and the NHS, with use cases covering customer service, lead qualifying, HR support and more. The ubisend solution enables these organisations to develop, deploy and maintain chatbots across multiple regions and departments and to innovate on a wide variety of use cases, including RPA (robotic process automation), live chat and ticketing solutions.

“Consumers and citizens are demanding ever more tailored communication experiences from the brands and organisations they’re engaging. Brands gain a competitive advantage by offering a differentiated communication experience, with more meaningful and interactive information exchanged in the right formats and at the right times,” said Richard Favero, founder and CEO of Soprano Design.

The acquisition provides opportunities for Soprano customers to leverage ubisend’s advanced AI-powered communication technology to launch, manage and monitor conversational solutions and scale AI communications and automation across an entire organisation, from HR and sales to IT and customer service.

“Our mission is to leverage advancements in AI to provide a solution that can create a more intuitive and connected communication experience between businesses and their audiences. We’re excited by Soprano’s aligned mission to empower global brands to unleash their communications potential, and we can’t wait to bring ubisend to a wider audience and to work with Soprano to empower customers to create richer and more meaningful communication experiences,” said Dean Withey, founder and CEO of ubisend.

The deal follows Soprano’s acquisition of leading APAC CPaaS provider Silverstreet in December 2020 and signals Soprano’s intention to continue to invest to acquire innovation and market share as the CPaaS sector expands.

“We know that as many as 80 percent of CPaaS use cases remain undiscovered. The advances that ubisend has made in applying AI technology to provide richer communication experiences will allow us to accelerate the adoption of new use cases. Conversational AI is completely aligned to our customer promise to unleash the full potential of our customer communications,” continued Favero.

The transaction closed on March 25, 2022.


About Soprano

Soprano Design is an award-winning global communications-platform as a service (CPaaS) solution. Founded in 1994 in Sydney, Australia, Soprano’s flagship omnichannel CPaaS product, Soprano Connect, handles over 10 billion CPaaS communications each month and supports more than 4,500 enterprise and government customers including more than 150 Global Forbes 2000 companies. Through its unique MNO partner model, Soprano counts AT&T, Telstra, BT, Vodafone, Orange, Starhub, Smart/PLDT, and Celcom among the telco partners that use its trusted platforms to offer CPaaS to their customers. More info at


About ubisend

Founded in 2016 by CEO Dean Withey, CTO Joseph Dixon and CMO Alexandre Debecker, the ubisend conversational AI solution blends a unique application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to allow enterprise organisations to create an end-to-end solution for communication chatbots, from conversation design, development and integration, to metrics, compliance and security. The platform’s ‘integrate anything’ API technology and no-code delivery contains advanced capabilities for large businesses, including conversation builders, robotic process automation (RPA), localisation, and connecting to any third-party data sources. Headquartered in the UK, ubisend has enabled some of the world’s best-known brands and government organisations to successfully introduce conversational AI in large-scale environments. More info at

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