Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 - Old Bags

I have a small business called Old Bags which creates bags and other strange things out of animal feed sacks and re-used trucking straps. 

I've set up some local recycling intiatives (with very cooperative local businesses) and then the glorious creations are individually crafted by marginalised women in Melbourne. The women include refugees, asylum seekers and women with disabilities.

This work (I pay above award rates) helps them become financially independent and happily settled in Australia.

I reckon it’s pretty rad and feel thrilled to be involved with something like this on a commercial, free-market basis. It just seems much more solid than making some measly donation or raising awareness with hashtags… or whatever the cool woke kids are doing these days 

I have a few different sizes and styles of bags including some fabulously large market totes which have been selling like crazy ever since I launched last year….

Buuuut I've just quit my main sales channel, Facebook, due to soul-sucking troll behaviour that was making me seriously miserable. 

The timing couldn't be worse because I have just recently taken on two more production hubs (yay for more jobs and less landfill..Boo for trolls). This means another pivot as far as promoting this small business (and keeping everyone employed)... I feel like I've been so constantly pivoting for the last two years and I've been in a perpetual pirouette since January 2020. 

Anyway, I hope you will consider me for any upcoming stories about sustainability, startups, fashion or even quitting social media.

If curiosity has the better of you - please check out my website (and modelling - which I’m sure you’ll agree is a work of art) - you can see my website here https://oldbags.com.au/ and my Facebook departure announcement here: https://oldbags.com.au/happiness-chin-hairs-why-this-little-business-is-finished-with-facebook/

You can see a super short video about how Old Bags got started below and if this tickles your fancy please let me know if you'd like to chat further. 


Jemima Key

Champion Bag Lady & Sometimes Super Model 




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Old Bags

Enormous bags made from repurposed feed sacks & trucking straps.

Masterfully handcrafted by marginalised Melbourne women including refugees, asylum seekers and those with disabilities.

Jemima Key
M: 0403062505
W: oldbags.com.au


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