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Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that Asahi Beverages has selected Complexica's Decision Cloud® software platform for trade promotion optimisation.

“Asahi Beverages is Australia’s largest brewer, supplying a leading portfolio to wholesalers and retailers, including some of Australia’s most iconic brands. Last year Asahi Beverages acquired Carlton & United Breweries, which is its Australian alcohol business division. To harness the strength of our expanded portfolio, we partner with our customers to run multiple and frequent trade promotions throughout the year, delivering long-term growth for both our business and theirs,” said Kellie Barnes, Asahi Beverages’ Group Chief Information Officer. “Given the inherent complexity in optimising promotional plans and our continued focus on revenue and growth management, we have selected Complexica as our vendor of choice after a successful Proof-of-Concept of its world-class optimisation capabilities.”

Complexica’s Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM), and Larry, the Digital Analyst® – which are both part of the Decision Cloud® software platform – will provide Asahi Beverages with advanced capabilities for optimising the value of future promotions based on volume, margin, and net price realization, as well as generating what-if scenarios for different price points, promotional mechanics, frequencies, other variables and KPI objectives.

“We look forward to working together to help unlock improved marketplace outcomes in the years ahead,” said Doug Misener, Complexica’s Director of FMCG. “Given the complexity and sheer volume of promotional campaign data, optimising promotional plans with the right mix of products, discounts and frequencies, is a task well suited for advanced machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.”

Asahi Beverages makes and distributes some of Australia’s most loved drinks. It employs around 3,200 people in Australia and operates manufacturing sites in every Australian state. For more information about Asahi Beverages, please visit:

“We’re delighted to add Asahi Beverages and Carlton & United Breweries as a strategic new customer of Complexica,” said Leonardo Arantes, Complexica’s Director of Business Development. “We have enabled our Decision Cloud® software platform with full end-end TPM and TPO functionality for our customers in the FMCG sector and beyond, with Asahi Beverages’ successful Proof-of-Concept and subsequent selection of the Decision Cloud® software platform being a great testament to its capability and ability to generate commercial outcomes.”

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Complexica is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software applications that can optimise sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions, particularly for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers characterised by a large SKU range and long tail of customers.  We were founded upon the research of several world-renowned computer scientists, and have commercialised an award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform called Larry, the Digital Analyst® which powers our enterprise software applicationsFor more information about Complexica, please visit:

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Australia's largest brewer signs contract with leading Artificial Intelligence software company




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