Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 - Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited

Renewable hydrogen project originator and developer Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen has called on the Federal Government to nominate the entire state of Tasmania as a hydrogen hub rather than pinpoint one location at Bell Bay.

Managing Director of Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited, Geoffrey Drucker, said that Tasmania has a unique global opportunity to become a hydrogen economy, from the production of green hydrogen through to its use. 

“Hydrogen will play a key role in meeting the Tasmanian Government’s zero emission goal of 2030 and the Federal Government’s commitment now to net zero emissions by 2050,” Mr Drucker said.

“For these targets to be met, action needs to start now; these net zero goals will not happen without a strategic approach to their achievement.”

Tasmania and Iceland stand alone in being able to supply the necessary renewable energy that will allow green hydrogen and batteries to totally displace diesel and gasoline to power trucks, buses, cars and ferries.

“Added to this is the long-term possibility of using green hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide to produce a green synthetic gas that can replace natural gas being imported into the state,” Mr Drucker said. 

“The long-term opportunity, therefore, is for Tasmania to be totally self-sufficient in energy production, not being reliant on imports from anywhere and minimising carbon emissions.  That will make Tasmania the envy of the world.”

Mr Drucker said that the prospect of Tasmania supplying green hydrogen to the export markets of Japan, Korea and Germany in the longer term is real, but focusing initially on developing a domestic hydrogen state will add considerable value to Tasmania’s economy.

“The benefits include infrastructure investment, jobs and skills training as well as carbon emissions reduction which can all be aggregated in dollar terms,” he said.

“By progressively displacing diesel in the state’s bus industry for instance, Tasmania can supply fuel cell buses, TAFE Colleges can educate diesel mechanics in the service and maintenance of fuel cell vehicles, and a refuelling network can be established to supply hydrogen to buses and trucks. 

“A domestic hydrogen strategy can unfold right now but exports are way off because the shipping infrastructure is simply not there and will not be for some years.”

Mr Drucker supports the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone as an excellent location for hydrogen production but believes that the creation of a Tasmanian hydrogen hub can embrace the entire state.

“With so many Australian companies considering their commitment to ESG initiatives, if Tasmania becomes a hydrogen hub, it has a huge opportunity to attract investment and for companies to expand into the greenest destination in the world,” Mr Drucker said.

“We look forward to the Tasmanian Government and Tasmanian Federal MPs supporting our call for the entire state to become a hydrogen hub, demonstrating its global leadership.”

Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen is working closely with the Tasmanian Government through Renewables Tasmania to establish a hydrogen production facility of around 10MW to kick-start the domestic green hydrogen supply chain.


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“Hydrogen will play a key role in meeting the Tasmanian Government’s zero emission goal of 2030 and the Federal Government’s commitment now to net zero emissions by 2050,” says renewables pioneer Geoffrey Drucker.



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