Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Leading Global Registrar Internet.BS Secures Domain Names with CryptoPhoto.com Mutual-Authentication Two-Factor

Leading registrar company Internet.BS (part of the CentralNic Group plc; AIM code CNIC) has implemented the next generation two-factor authentication solution CryptoPhoto to provide extra security for its customers to protect their digital assets.

CryptoPhoto provides a more secure and easier to use solution than legacy SMS and code based two-factor authentication.

Utilising images, CryptoPhoto resembles a process not dissimilar to the card game “snap” whereby the user matches the image from their browsing session with a grid of images from a secure app on their smart device.

“Phishing is the root cause of over 90% of all hacks, and codes from legacy two-factor can all too easily be put in the rogue (phishing) website. CryptoPhoto’s solution makes the user and the website prove they are the original, and thus the mutual authentication”, says CryptoPhoto CEO Andrew Grant.

“Domain names are digital assets which are growing in value daily, and recent hacks of some of our competitors’ websites have highlighted issues with existing username and password security and legacy two-factor authentication”, says INTERNET.BS and CENTRALNIC CEO Ben Crawford.

CryptoPhoto is single tap, much easier than having to tap in codes, and we have all played the card game snap at some stages in our lives, so matching images is both easier and much more secure than legacy systems.

“Internet.BS houses hundreds of thousands of valuable domain names for its customers, at both the retail and corporate level, and security is paramount to the integrity of our offering and our customers’ well being.  We have escaped the phishing-related domain thefts affecting other companies, but we feel a responsibility towards our customers to offer the most secure two-factor authentication in the market place that also happens to be the easiest”.

“We have had a number of clients sign-up and we look forward to showcasing this as another reason to use Internet.BS moving forward.”

About CryptoPhoto

CryptoPhoto.com is an Australian Cybersecurity company focussed on secure and easy to use mutual authentication and transaction verification. CryptoPhoto’s technology is protected by a US granted patent and has been developed after 5 years of R&D and partnering through various programs including Microsoft ventures Accelerator, TCS (Tata Consulting Services) Co-Innovation Network, and undertaking a $1mil Commercialisation Project via funding from Australian Federal Government Program Accelerating Commercialisation. CryptoPhoto also recently won the Australian iAwards for Financial Services Solutions.

About Internet.BS

Internet.BS is a globally leading registrar and has in excess of 80,000 customers. As part of CentralNIC Group plc, Internet.BS is increasing its offering and global presence through it’s commitment to low cost domains, a high level of security and simple portfolio management tools.


For further information, please contact Andrew Grant at [email protected] or tel +61 418 573 505




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