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Sydney, Australia –  The office, home, or elsewhere are now all places where we do business - location matters less and less as it’s connectivity that’s key.  With hybrid working the “new norm”, it’s imperative that businesses invest in technology and systems that foster connectivity, that safeguard company culture, create parity between the at-home and in-office workday and ensure ALL employees enjoy a seamless work experience no matter their location.

Video Window solves the hybrid work conundrum with the world’s first always-on immersive video conferencing portal, helping humans connect and companies of all sizes collaborate.   Launching Video Window Remote today for iOS and Android complements the service used by organisations  including Netflix, Intel, WeWork and Logitech to link  multiple offices and remote workers  - ensuring that ALL remote workers are equal with their colleagues, whether on-the-go or in different locations.

Deloitte in its “Future of Work” paper predicted that: “65% of organisations view shifting functional hierarchies to team-centric & network-based work models as important or very important and 74% of CFOs will move a portion of their workforce to permanently remote positions.”

With these predictions currently being realised in the global return to work, a recent Joblist survey stated that 95% of employers believed remaining visible was important to career advancement and 93% of managers had a favorable impression of remote employees making an effort to stand out. Yet only 38% of workers have gone out of their way to be noticed while working from home and a massive 64% of remote employees have no visibility strategy at all.

In addition, the mental health of remote workers has been extremely challenging over the last 18 months and those who feel invisible are more likely to feel burned out, lonely and have feelings of imposter syndrome.

Video Window Remote provides the answer to all these issues, making work better for people and people better at work.  Download the app, log in with secure credentials and feel instantly connected to the common-areas of offices and other remote workers.  Feeling together, connected, visible and equal, they benefit hugely from continuing their productivity tasks and traditional meetings on their main computer and glancing over to the tablet or mobile device for instant, real collaboration with colleagues.  No scheduling, no drama just permanently ready for you when you need it – human connection solved.

Furthermore, key aspects of the design of Video Window Remote came from its CEO, Daryl Hutchings “Having suffered from mental health challenges myself during COVID I was determined to address the major mental health difficulties cited by remote workers: like burnout, loneliness and depression” 

Far beyond a traditional video conferencing tool, Video Window Remote will be offered by us for FREE to remote workers. It's our way of giving back to the global remote working community. The user remains in control and to protect privacy there are multiple safeguarding features in place.

Fiona Young, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) member and employment lawyer at global law firm Ince said “It’s the informal and accessible nature of Video Window that gives it the edge over current tech’. Focusing on the social element of an office and those informal catch ups that are so important for teams really meets the needs of an organization looking to modernize its approach to working, while still ensuring that their team is working effectively and productively.”

Michael Judeh, Senior Director at meeting, event and office space provider Convene says “Video Window has been pivotal in keeping our team connected since we moved to hybrid working. Being able to quickly chat with a team member to bounce an idea off has allowed us to maintain the sponge outs creativity and idea generation we had in our office. By opting in and having the ability to turn video on and off, I never feel like my privacy is compromised. Video Window has made the work from home transition seamless for us.”

Tanya Seaton, Head of UC Hardware and distribution at global collaboration technology provider Intrado agrees “We are excited to partner Video Window as it’s a pivotal product for the future of hybrid working for our enterprise clients” 

Hutchings adds “Using Video Window is exactly like looking through a window to see your colleagues.  It enables you to really be present with the people you work with - while successfully completing your projects and accomplishing your goals, making work better, more enjoyable, fun and levelling the playing field for all. Ultimately creating a happy hybrid workplace”

At Collaboration Squared our main goal is to remove frustration and improve human connection and this is precisely what Video Window is for.  


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Video Window

Collaboration Squared is a global conferencing and collaboration developer and makers of Video Window with offices in New York, London, Singapore and Sydney.  

Video Window is the world’s first always-on immersive video conferencing portal, Video Window Remote breaks down walls to create an extension of physical space for inter-office and remote workers, helping everyone feel more connected, fostering parity between remote and in-office employees and helping organisations achieve their goals. 

Transforming how people collaborate and communicate, Video Window solves the hybrid work conundrum.

Steve Sevastopulo
P: +852 5819 9918
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Video Window Remote breaks down walls to create an extension of physical space for inter-office and remote workers, helping ALL employees connect, communicate and collaborate wherever they are.




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