Monday, January 18th, 2016

A blind disability activist and entrepreneur has launched a website in response to controversy over The Mighty’s mockery of autism, with a survey asking people living with a disability to set their own agenda.

The Washington Post recently drew attention to the growing controversy in Australia over The Mighty, a website supposedly for and by people with a disability, openly mocking Autism with a post about ‘meltdown bingo’. In response, those with disabilities as well as well as those who care for them are looking for a new way to be open and honest about their issues without being mocked. Dale Reardon, a blind Australian disability activist and entrepreneur, has launched the website My Disability Matters, with a comprehensive survey for potential users to have their say on the site’s agenda, operating procedures and more.

The survey is designed to allow individuals to vent frustrations, share perspectives and have their say in how the website can best deliver what they are currently lacking in the online community – a supportive, representative space that is defined by people with a disability for people with a disability.

The website’s design is beautifully presented, and is already rich in features, making it an inviting online space to build a community. The site will include disability news in Australia and coverage of the biggest issues pertaining to people with a disability, including the changing nature of the NDIS in Australia and more.

Dale Reardon, the founder of My Disability Matters explained, “What happened at The Mighty is an example of people no longer wanting to internalise the mockery they have lived with for so much of their lives, growing up in a society which by and large does not appreciate the difficulties people with all kinds of disability face every day. This site has been created to offer an alternative, which will offer honest opinion, insightful investigation and real advocacy for disabled people. In order to deliver that, we want consultation with as wide a net of people as possible, which is why we have created the survey to be completed by people with a disability, their families and carers, to set our agenda for the future.”

About My Disability Matters: My Disability Matters aims to become the first one stop shop for disability news and opinion, increasing the representation of people living with a disability through their own words, views and experiences. The website has been launched to cover major issues arising, including changes to the NDIS, and will offer advocacy and agency to people with all forms of disability.

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My Disability Matters

My Disability Matters has been founded my Dale Reardon. Dale lost his sight at the age of 17 during his final year at school.  He is a qualified lawyer and has a strong background in advocacy for the disabled community.

Dale's goal is to provide a news, opinion, information and discussion website for people living with a disability.  Created by people living with a disability.

The My Disability Matters news website publishes curated disability news and opinion from around the world.

The My Disability Matters Club is a social networking site for the disability community. It is a place to meet others, share experiences, learn and discuss issues. This is a place to come to for peer support, advice and friendship.

The guiding philosophy for My Disability Matters is “Nothing about us, without us.”

Dale Reardon
P: 0362867105
M: 0420277457


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