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Clean Group Sydney, a Sydney-based commercial cleaning company, which also offers office Covid-19 cleaning services, has recently published a blog post that offers information on the germiest places in the office and how to keep the office germ-free. Although other germs may seem trivial because of the current focus on Covid-19, there are many other germs that can cause diseases. A recent study has indicated that germs only need 2 to 4 hours to spread from an infected surface to 40 to 60 percent of surfaces in the office.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of Clean Group, says, “Germs are the primary reasons that 98% of workers get affected by some minor diseases. Well, it turns out that germs move faster. A sick person touches the door on the way and most of their germs have spread to the office before lunch time. There are some precautionary measurements that you can follow in your office and also encourage your employees to do the same. One of the key principles is to keep the hands and shared surfaces clean. With the appropriate use of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers, including frequent hand washing may decrease the number of infected surfaces by up to 80 percent.”

Knowing the above, it may be a good idea to be aware of the germiest places in the office. Twenty of the germiest places in the office are: door handles; keyboards; desktops; telephones; water cooler, drinking fountain handles or buttons; office equipment; coffeepot; coffee maker; sink; coffee mugs; microwave door; kitchen sponge; restrooms; vending machines; door knobs; refrigerator door handles; non-automatic soap dispensers in restrooms; handrails on escalators or in stairwells; shared pens; and an employee’s desk.

The article also provides some tips on keeping the office germ-free. These include: ensuring plenty of cleaning supplies and encouraging employees to disinfect their desks, phones, keyboards, mice, etc.; having the ventilation system inspected to ensure optimum airflow; encouraging employees to frequently wash their hands; reminding sick workers not to report for work but instead remain at home; and hiring professional office cleaners.

The presence of many places in the office that likely contain germs suggests that companies, especially restaurants, schools, and health facilities, need to employ professional cleaners to make sure that the workplaces are properly sanitized. They will make sure that these surfaces are properly sanitized. The use of professional cleaning services will result into the reduction of absenteeism in the office because employees have fewer chances of getting sick.

Professional office cleaning companies, through their quality services, can eliminate the risk of sickness and infection. This is because: they create a clean workplace and sanitize thoroughly; they are experienced and thorough; they know how and where germs work, live and spread; and they have professional-class cleaning equipment and supplies to ensure that work is done correctly.

Professional office cleaning offers many benefits. These include: consistently cleaned and well-organised cleaning; enhanced productivity and increase profits; increased protection of office property; reduced sick days for workers; and having a safe and happy working environment.

Meanwhile, there are many reasons why the Clean Group Sydney stands out among the many commercial cleaning service providers. These include: being a leading commercial cleaning company for more than 20 years; availability of offices in various suburbs; ability to offer cleaning services in all commercial properties including offices, hotels, warehouses, entertainment centres, movie theatres, clubs, restaurants, and malls, etc.; and capability to provide cleaning through dry and wet methods.

These dry and wet methods include truck-mounted steam cleaner, deep extraction, rotowash, encapsulation, floor maintenance, steam cleaning, germicidal disinfecting wipes, and more. They offer a comprehensive office cleaning service for all cleaning requirements.

Clean Group Sydney will also: clean every corner, disinfect electronics; proper desk cleaning; and use of advanced methods. They also want to point out that disinfection and sanitisation are different. Disinfection has to do with the use of chemicals to eradicate germs on surfaces. Sanitisation is the reduction of the number of germs on objects and surfaces to safe levels.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services of a Covid-19 cleaning Sydney service provider can visit the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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