Friday, July 2nd, 2021 - TCFWA for Lebanon BPW Disaster Appeal

You might remember that not that long ago the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCF WA), Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (BBEC), BPW Business Incubator and Business Professional Women WA & Australia (BPW WA and Australia), put a heartfelt call out to assist BPW Lebanon and the women of Beirut - asking for donations of sewing machines / overlockers, fabrics and textiles to aid them in starting small home-based sewing businesses after the explosion in the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020 devastated many.

When approached by Jacqueline Graham, President of BPW Australia on behalf of Carmen Zogheib, President of BPW Lebanon, Carol Hanlon, Founder of TCF WA and BBEC couldn’t ignore the plea. “It’s important for us to support these women who are trying to re-build their lives after the explosion”, Ms Hanlon said, who is also a Past State President of BPW WA.

The project, which aims to help homeless victims survive winter and help women who lost their homes in the blast to earn a living again, plan on providing sewing machines and fabrics to the women who can sew so that they can make blankets, and BPW Lebanon members will then give these blankets to homeless people for the winter to keep warm. These women can later use their sewing machines to start a small business and earn a living.

“TCF WA were overwhelmed with the support received and were able to include 412 rolls of textiles, 265 cartons of fabrics, haberdashery, sewing and knitting accessories, and 93 sewing machine and overlockers to help the project”, said Ms Hanlon.

The 40ft container has officially left Perth, on track to arrive in Beirut by the end of June.

Special thanks go out to the following businesses who helped make this happen:

Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCF WA) and Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (BEC) - responsible for coordinating the industry and public donations of sewing equipment, textiles, and haberdashery. The committee, staff, and many supporters and volunteers over the past 4-5years also came together in collecting, packing, storing, and organising this very large shipment.

Arteil WA - who donated over 250 rolls of assorted textiles.

BPW Australia & BPW WA - collected local freight donations and promoted the project in BPW national magazine.

BPW Belmont, BPW Harvey and BPW Clubs from across Australia - for Perth land freight donations (re: port - warehouse – port)

Storage King Perth Airport - provided the storage unit for donated items during past 4-5 years to allow this project to be possible. 

Ghossayn Group, NSW – who is the major sea freight sponsor from Perth to Beirut.

Astro Synthetic Surfaces, Ascot WA – for use of their premises for warehousing, repacking and being the container packing location.

LGF Logistics Perth – assisted with local shipping logistics.

Queries phone +61 8 94793777 or email [email protected]


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TCFWA for Lebanon BPW Disaster Appeal

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Carol Hanlon
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the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of WA Inc. (TCF WA), Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (BBEC), BPW Business Incubator and Business Professional Women WA & Australia (BPW WA and Australia),



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