Thursday, January 14th, 2016

In traditional industries like Law, disruption isn’t far away - and the industry as a whole isn’t ready for it. That’s why one local entrepreneur is taking steps to shore up the local industry so that it can withstand and flourish as the industry changes.


Leticia Mooney, Director of Australian content strategy company Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd, has a specific and fixed goal. Through her company, she wants to help improve the communication and connection of 50 law firms by 2020.


And it was looking for a law-specific meetup that Mooney realised the first step in doing that is working to create a greater sense of community among lawyers and the people who work with them.


‘When people think about law as an industry, they typically think only about lawyers, but it actually employs so many more people,’ explained Mooney. ‘Even in a small firm that has maybe one or two lawyers, there is often a business manager, a receptionist, and maybe file clerk. Not to mention all of the business that exist as vendors to these firms. A huge number of those people identify with law as a profession, even if they aren’t the ones on the legal tools.’


Creating a better, more robust community means getting the professional as a whole together, the entrepreneur argues. With greater collaboration, there will be more significant opportunities for Law to see changes coming their way with greater clarity.


‘It is not a secret that being able to see what’s coming next for an industry means relying on more than brainstorms or analytics. It’s about collaborating with your industry: Your vendors, your competitors, and working in a more collaborative way to share insight,’ the entrepreneur explained. ‘Traditional partnerships aren’t what’s going to support an industry; it’s rethinking models, rethinking ways of working; and rethinking competition versus collaboration. The survivors will be the ones who were at the forefront of forging new ways of working together.’

The Adelaide Lawyers Network is just the beginning. Kicking on Wednesday 3 February, the group aims to provide a new platform for supporting Law in South Australia. Rather than being restricted to just lawyers, everyone who works with, near, or around the law is encouraged to attend.


‘So often law events only cater to members of specific societies, or people with specific roles like Practice Managers or Lawyers. It’s time to break that mold and think differently,’ stated Mooney.


Leticia Mooney is available for interview about her company’s goal to improve the communication and connection of 50 law firms by 2020, and about the Adelaide Lawyers Network.

Call 08 8121 4134, or 0421 925 382. You can email Leticia at [email protected]


What:   Adelaide-based entrepreneur aims to support local legal industry by providing a new community for greater collaboration.

When: The first meeting for the Adelaide Lawyers Network is 3 February at Publishers Hotel

Who:  Lawyers, practice managers, file clerks, administrators, and anyone who works with, around, or alongside the legal industry; Leticia Mooney; Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd

Why:  It’s only through communication and collaboration that law firms will be able to withstand future disruption.

Links:  Brutal Pixie; ALN

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Brutal Pixie is an Australian content strategy company. We are working to improve the communication and connection of 50 law firms by 2020. Visit our website.

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