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Good news for couch potatoes: Sex isn’t just fun – it burns calories and keeps you fit. Why bother going to the gym when you can get all the exercise you need in the bedroom? Which positions do Aussies choose for their make-out workout? The Australian dating comparison site and the leading global casual dating site found out:

Do you love sex? Is Samantha your Sex and the City spirit animal? Do you refuse to do things that are healthy but no fun? Then sexercise is the workout for you. There simply is no more effective AND enjoyable way to stay in shape.

Instead of hitting the gym, sexercisers start off by kissing for the minutes (and burning 13 calories). Next, undressing each other burns eight calories each. Once things heat up, it’s time to melt some fat and build up muscle with different positions. Ladies doing it cowgirls style burn 35 calories within ten minutes – and get a great core workout. The male partner gets to enjoy the view – and burns 15 calories at the same time. The missionary position, on the other hand, lets guys get more active, burning 43 calories. And – as if anyone needed another reason to reach an orgasm – both sex partners can burn 100 calories each by coming. That’s the equivalent of 38 minutes of yoga!

Singles in particular are increasingly willing to see sex as sport – in every sense of the word. Casual dating is booming. By connecting people looking for no strings attached hook-ups, according to their sexual preferences, these websites and apps allow singles to focus on their desires, without the baggage that comes with regular online dating. Comparison sites shows users which casual dating providers offer the best service in Australia.

Horse riding, dogs and rabbit ears

Which positions give Australians their preferred workout? and C-date asked their users and found out that Aussies like to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. 53% of female participants like to ride their partner, while 11% make like a rabbit (legs in the air, like bunny ears). 41% of male participants like taking a woman from behind, doggy-style or lying back and receiving a blowjob. Neither the traditional missionary, nor the infamous 69 position are particularly popular.

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