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Junior Tribe Co, a company in Byron Bay, New South Wales, offers a wide range of reusable and eco-friendly baby nappies, also called cloth nappies - their effort is changing the game for the newborn nappies industry, encouraging parents to ditch disposable diapers and opt for reusable nappies.

As a company that promotes ethical and sustainable living, Junior Tribe Co also offers heaps of environment-friendly products, such as the following: 

  • nappies for swimming
  • cloth nappy inserts and boosters 
  • basic sweater sets 
  • ecological bamboo velour wipes 
  • washable baby change mats
  • raw rompers  
  • durable baby nappy backpacks 
  • eco-friendly play mats
  • knitted sweater sets
  • long-lasting smocks 
  • reusable nappy wet bags 

Customers seem to love Junior Tribe Co’s products because of their stylish appearance, but even more so, their avid fans admire their focus on the welfare of infants and toddlers while helping eco-conscious parents offset their carbon emissions, allowing them to find a sustainable family living easy to do. 

Environmental & Economic Advantages of Cloth Nappies

Happy customers also report that they have saved substantial amounts of money for using reusable baby nappies rather than disposable diapers. Many agree that using cloth nappies is great for both the environment and the economy. 

Besides the economic and environmental advantages that cloth nappies bring, buyers also expressed their satisfaction with each reusable nappy's style, comfort, and durable quality. 

“I have tried 7 premium brands and BUJ junior flex nappies are my absolute favourites! Love the trim but extremely absorbent inserts, tummy elastic, wonderful prints. My boy is a chunky 10kg+ 7-month-old with chubby tights and I get no red marks. I also have plenty of room to grow. My fit has been great from newborn (4.2kg) to now (as opposed to other brands). Can’t fault this nappy." Says Monika, a satisfied customer, in a testimonial. 

BUJ stands for Bottoms Up Junior. BUJ flex baby nappies provide trouble-free resizing options through easy-to-use snap buttons - these cloth nappies are carefully designed to fit from birth up to toilet training for toddlers. 

"Such a bright, cheerful nappy! Looks as delicious in real life, actually better! The purple clouds and pink snaps make everything pop. This is one of our new faves." comments SuAnn when leaving a 5-star review for their newly-purchased set of cloth nappies. 


There are several stylish designs that Junior Tribe Co offers to its customers - from plain neon coloured reusable nappies to creatively painted cloth nappies. 

Most of their customers, especially mothers, patiently wait for their new style releases - the company usually announces new designs on their social media pages, especially on Facebook and Instagram. 

Their design shoots are, indeed, pleasing to see, catching the eyes of anyone interested in getting eco-friendly baby nappies for their infants and toddlers - not just for style but also for comfort and budget-saving purposes.

"This nappy is absorbent and a great choice for heavy wetters. I also love that it is reusable and eco-friendly. Not too pricey - it is worth the money." says Jessica Thompson in her testimonial.

Contact Profile

Junior Tribeco

We pride ourselves on preserving the environment for our future generations to enjoy, this is what inspired us to create Junior Tribe Co and spread our love of reusable products.

We started as a small handmade business entangled between the beautiful untouched rain forests of the hinterland and the white sandy beaches of Byron Bay NSW. Our love and inspiration is drawn from the scenery that surrounds us and the community in which we live.

Our cloth nappies are hand designed in the Byron Bay Hinterland, originally being hand sewn at home, they are now produced ethically overseas. The journey of your new cloth nappy starts from just a sketch and then blossoms into the nappy you use on your baby. The journey and process is a close one and we enjoy sharing your cloth nappy experience with you along the way.

Junior Tribeco


This eco-friendly company from Byron Bay, NSW is the game-changer in the baby nappies industry. Learn more about what they have for eco-conscious parents here!




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