Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 - Girl Guides South Australia

Girl Guides South Australia will shine awareness on the significant environmental loss endured from the devastating destruction of bushfires, throughout the months of June to August.

The memory of our affected communities and wildlife will stay with us for years to come. Short-term efforts will always be at the forefront, to do whatever is in our hands to extinguish the blazes. It is a long-term solution however, that will be the most effective recovery plan to return burnt areas to their previous vibrant ecological landscape.

The impact of bushfires has devastated, the iconic koala, an already threatened species, now at an even greater risk of extinction. Perhaps the most symbolic of the ecological devastation and loss of life resulting from the bushfires across Australia.

Girl Guides South Australia is working towards restoring a vital wildlife corridor for koalas and other wildlife in the region with our Grow A Seed Kits. Habitat destruction is the number one threat to koalas, now more than ever we need to assist in rebuilding and restoring their natural habitat. The Girl Guides SA Douglas Scrub Campsite at Blewitt Springs is already being utilised as a koala sanctuary. The 27-hectare area will see the planting of native trees providing much needed food for wildlife and creating sustainable habitat for the future.

In conjunction with McLaren Vale Natives, Girl Guides South Australia will work towards a pilot program of producing seedlings with our “Grow a Seed” kits to provide the right type of Eucalypt leaves for koalas to eat. Through the replanting of native trees and plants in the wider community and being able to provide the resources such as the Douglas Scrub Campsite, this life saving gift will assist with the survival of our native flora and fauna.

The “Grow a Seed” kits will provide families and individuals with an opportunity to make a real difference that is low cost, no technology and is an outdoors activity that everyone can participate regardless of age or ability. 

Girl Guides South Australia will promote and facilitate the Planting Days at Douglas Scrub, on the 18th and 19th September 2021, alternatively you can plant your seedling in your local community.

To find out more about the planting day or where to purchase your “Grow A Seed” kits visit or call  CEO, Kerrie Akkermans for interview <<0417 872 389>>


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Girl Guides SA

Girl Guides South Australia (GGSA) was established in 1919 and today it is the largest youth organisation for girls and young women in South Australia; with 2000 youth members and 500 volunteer Leaders and adult Members.

GGSA provides a non-formal education program that is dynamic, flexible and values-based. Girls and young women are fully supported in safe and friendly environments where they can:

  • have a say in decision-making and activities
  • be listened to and respected
  • train and receive support in life skills
  • have their best interests considered and upheld

GGSA is an organisation that welcomes and actively seeks members from all societal groups.

Kerrie Akkermans
P: 0417 872 389


Girl Guides SA, the Grow A Seed project for koala rehabilitation




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