Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for your rabbit?  How about treating your rabbit to a new house? 

If your Bunny is cramped/hot in his or her hutch or it's about to fall apart, it might be time for an upgrade to a house and run that not only you will love but so will your bunny.

Rabbit in an Eglu run

Keeping your rabbit in a house with a large run is important, as rabbits need to exercise everyday otherwise they may suffer from osteoporosis, the Eglu rabbit hutch from Omlet comes with a 2m run giving your bunny lots of space to run, jump and even binky (that's when they get really happy and jump and twist about!)
It is also important that your bunny is kept safe from other animals when he or she is outside, there could be foxes, cats or quolls about looking for a snack and you certainly don't want your bunny to be that snack.  The Eglu Hutch comes with a 2m run which has a wire skirt on the ground to stop any unwelcome visitors from digging in!
Taking around 18 naps a day your rabbit needs somewhere waterproof and cool to sleep - the Eglu Hutch does just that, including a hook on the back door of the housefor their hay rack so your bunny can snooze without a care.
The Eglu hutch itself is made from easy to clean plastic, which makes life simple, plus it is double insulated to keep your bunny cosy in the winter and cooler in the summer - perfect for hiding those chocolate eggs in!
There is also a sun shade complete with the house, as well as a hay rack and water bottle, so your bunny can hop right in and enjoy his new home without getting sunburnt.
The Omlet Eglu Hutch with the 2m run comes in green or purple, to blend into your backyard or become a feature.  Available online at www.Omlet.com.au for $499 plus delivery.
Eglu rabbit hutch

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