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InfusionSoft has revolutionized the email campaign industry. Infusionsoft takes the disparate pieces of marketing systems- capturing leads, developing leads into customers, turning those customers into long term clients, and wraps them all up in one program. The program contains essential features such as email marketing 2.0, multi-media marketing, marketing automation, sales pipeline management, orders and invoices, affiliate management, pre-loaded content and templates, and training and expertise services. InfusionSoft helps small businesses with the complex issues of customer relationship management. The true strength of this system lies in the holistic approach to customer relationship management. In the past, there were different programs for each aspect of customer relations. InfusionSoft allows for storage of all data and details for contacts, customers, projects, and companies. Specific characteristics can be flagged to help identify them later. Scheduling meetings, calls, and other follow up actions are handled in the sales process of InfusionSoft. This allows you to uniquely design your own sales strategy using the InfusionSoft technology. These two features, working in tandem, make sure that no customer is forgotten or misplaced. 

The bedrock of this system is the marketing and automation features. InfusionSoft is uniquely adapted to handle every aspect of your individual marketing plan. Able to automatically deploy common marketing techniques such as email broadcasting, letter broadcasting, voice broadcasting, text messaging, and tweets, InfusionSoft allows the business owner to focus on more important issues. The program easily works and communicates with other systems, reducing the amount of time spend struggling to get information where it is needed. 

To fully embody the goal of seamless customer experience, InfusionSoft offers an ecommerce function built in to the program. This allows customers to painlessly transition from prospective customer to paying customer. The ecommerce system is intuitive and easy to use, offering a multitude of payment options. 

BizLynx excels at using InfusionSoft to get the most value for their clients. As a certified InfusionSoft agency, their employees know all the tips and tricks needed to make InfusionSoft work for you. Infusionsoft specialist are available to help you implement the program and familiarize you with how it works. Not sure that InfusionSoft is what you're looking for? Talk to one of the InfusionSoft consultant. They work hand in hand with the InfusionSoft specialist to make sure that InfusionSoft works for you. All of BizLynx's InfusionSoft consultant and specialists are trained to use every aspect of the marketing, automation, and ecommerce features of InfusionSoft. As an InfusionSoft agency, BizLynx knows how to get the measurable results out of InfusionSoft. Let them help make InfusionSoft work for you!

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Bizlynx is a Brisbane based Infusionsoft consultancy business, with specialist accredited Infusionsoft experts who deliver quality solutions in email campaign management strategies for business.

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