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Carol Hanlon, Founder/CEO, TCF WA (TCF Global) and Belmont BEC (BEC Global) BPW Business Incubator will be hosting and presenting an upcoming virtual global forum ‘Economic Empowerment of Women showcasing Sustainable Development Goals’.

The forum will be part of NGO CSW, an organisation based in New York that works towards promoting women’s human rights, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls on an international level. Their mission is to provide a platform for the voices and leadership of feminists and women’s rights organisations across the globe.

Ms Carol Hanlon will also be one of the many talented women from around the globe presenting at the TCF, BEC & BPW global virtual forum this year.  This will be the 6th NGO CSW forum that Carol has facilitated during UN CSW since 2012, this year the virtual online forum allows for women and men from around the globe to participate at no cost. The presenters will be discussing various topics around leadership, women’s health, employment opportunities, SDG’s and more.

Ms Hanlon will be presenting about empowering women entrepreneurs though small business training & mentoring, disability projects, migrant designers, circular economies, sustainable fashion, creative industries & social enterprises, and will showcase empowered women making a difference globally.

Other global speakers include the following:

Celeste Mergens, Founder, Days for Girls, USA will present on advancing menstrual equity and shattering the stigma of menstruation. Days for Girls International developed a washable and reusable menstrual health product that comes in a beautiful kit including various items such as absorbent liners, waterproof shields and care sheet. Ms Mergen’s presentation will be covering sustainable menstrual care and health education.

Önder Senol, DeFacto, Turkey will discuss DeFacto’s approach towards women’s empowerment and the Dreams Made of Fabric project. DeFacto, one of the leading brands in the fashion industry in Turkey.

Jasmyn Mumme, past national president, BPW Australia will be discussing how to develop your leadership potential. BPW Australia is a forum for women to meet, network and socialise with other like-minded women. Jasmyn was National President of BPW Australia from 2016 to 2018 and has 35 years experience in leadership roles across women’s organisation and not-for-profit boards.

Vannary San, Founder/CEO, The Silk House Cambodia has battled adversity to buck the trend and follow her dreams. She has revived an ancient art of silk weaving and in so doing, uncovered and opportunity to help poverty-stricken communities. Ms San will present on sustainable silk production, creativity and tourism.

 Jeya Ramanathan, BPW Business Incubator, Australia has a commitment for the growth and development of women in small business. Ms Ramanathan is a trainer and mentor with years of experience assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her presentation will be a discussion on retirement income planning.

Sara Azimi, Peivande Gole Narges, Tehran will present on training and employment for disadvantaged women and girls. Peivande Gole Narges promotes empowerment of women heads of households and orphaned girls through training and other opportunities.

Rachel Hanlon, creator, Hello Machine, Australia will showcase a project that connects people around the globe in changing locations and times through the Hello Machine. Ms Hanlon will be presenting on her media archaeology PHD global art project.

Suzie Craddock, Director, The Rhythm Centre Australia, will discuss dance therapies benefiting trauma victims and chronic illness sufferers. Suzie is dedicated to helping people grow and heal through the power of movement and dance, a passion conducted through her organisation The Rhythm Centre since 2014.

Benedicta Nanyonga, Founder/CEO, Kinawataka Women Initiatives, Uganda is an organisation that was created to empower marginalised women through environmentally conscious economic projects. Through the recycling of straws, creating them into various crafts such as bags and jewellery, it reduces the plastic waste and provides an opportunity for women to provide an income to their households. Ms Nanyonga will discuss creating sustainable cities and communities.

Amanda Healy, Founder/CEO, Kirrikin, Australia, a business that creates beautiful resortwear featuring the artwork of contemporary indigenous artists from around Australia. These garments are ethically made from sustainable fabrics and feature various stunning artworks. Ms Healy will discuss creative social enterprise empowering Aboriginal artists.

Miriam Cuellar, UTS, Australia will update about STEM creating opportunities for the future. Ms Cuellar is currently an Engagement Manager for the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Technology Sydney and has a Master of Science.

Mireille Toulekima, Founder, MT Energy, Australia  is an award-winning entrepreneur, mentor, global consultant and Managing Director of MT Energy Resources In Australia. With over 20 years of experience working around the world, including Africa, Europe and Asia she is a global tech leader advocating and championing diversity and women advancement in STEM industries. Ms Toulekima will discuss sustainable energy for all and empowering women as key enablers.

Registration for the NGO CSW virtual forum is free and can be completed at

The global NGO CSW forum will take place 17th March 2021 from 6:30am – 8:30am Perth, Western Australia time. 180 people are already registered to attend this forum, and 25,000 are registered to attend the CSW65 online global event.

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