Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 - Kent Scarborough

Thousands of business startups come into existence every day with an idea and wish to succeed. Despite the harsh economic conditions due to the recent pandemic, it is uncommon to see a wide range of small businesses trying to make their mark. Starting up a linear business setup sounds easy but it is not that easy as it appears to be. It takes a lot of hard work to come up with something new, yet it is the right time to begin one. Few years down the line, things will get better and so will the economy. Kent Scarborough from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a professional, former CEO & Entrepreneur. He is a talented business visionary and sketches out some startup tips for those who are new to this field and how they can make the most out of the current situation.

Get your startup up and running

Well, first and foremost is to have a strong business plan to meet the current situation. If you are looking forward to coming up with something new, then think from the consumer's perspective. A business plan that is well-drafted and knows its goal, is here to stay. Considering the pandemic, come up with a business plan that simplifies the life of your consumers even more and that is how you can grab some attention. Not just consumers, this will convince the investors to spend a good amount of money on your business plan.

Investors are a must

The prime focus of any startup should be towards attracting the attention of potential investors and it is only possible if you have a strong business plan. These are the people who will invest money to assist in getting your business up and running. Small businesses can think of putting the money from their wallet but if you are thinking about something big, then research the possible investment options available.

Landing on high paying investors

The secret to finding a good investor is to have a good action plan. Today, everything runs on an idea, show them your capabilities and how you will be able to do the returns in the shortest possible time. This the reason why Kent Scarborough stresses going global. The local market is full of products and services, so come up with something that serves globally. Be it a service or clothing line, for example, the business plan should be to go international. The best investment comes from an idea that has a vision to succeed, besides that you should be prepared with a good presentation to impress the investors. From small business loans to banks to angel investors, there are multiple investor options available and the aim should be to achieve maximum investments so that you are run your business to the fullest.


Kent Paul Scarborough is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Australia. Former CEO & loves to create, start and build businesses. If you are looking for business tips then follow Kent Scarborough for regular insights for startups. 

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