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Everyone says running a business can be stressful, but even the thought of starting your own business can cause anxiety. Every aspect of a business has the potential to keep you up all night and make you overthink - finances, debts, fewer sales, employee’s behaviour, their salaries, problems with operations and equipment. All the thoughts and problems make you anxious and tired. You will be under constant pressure to perform well. The fact of the matter is that you cannot escape it, but Kent Scarborough sketches out some stress management techniques that will help you cope with everyday pressure.

Effective stress management techniques for leaders. Kent Scarborough is an talented entrepreneur, having invested most of his life helping people, who set up their own businesses, know all about stress and stress management. He understands the long-term relation between starting your business and its everyday complexity. The best advice he gives to budding entrepreneurs is to stop overthinking. It will take you no-where, the best way is to come up with a plan B if plan A hasn’t worked well. Besides that, here are few steps that one must take to progress well towards their goals and these are also helpful for employee stress management:

Appreciate what’s done right

Rather than punishing yourself for what’s going wrong by stressing yourself out, give yourself an appreciation for what you have done right. Improve by simply applying the stress management technique of focusing on positive things. Businesses should have a small milestones, reward yourself when you have reached those milestones.  

Rank your business tasks

One of the most common causes of stress at work is trying to do all your tasks altogether. Finish each task one at a time, trying to do everything together will mess up all the things that you are doing and you will end up being stress. It is important to prioritize and do what’s most important first. Making a note of everything is a must, there are efficient calendar applications that will remind you of your priorities.

Tidy the environment around you

Kent Scarborough suggests this effective strategy for personal development. If you feel overwhelmed at work and unable to achieve your goals then the best way is to have a quick look at your surroundings. The people and the clutter around you can have a psychological effect, take steps to cut down on the negativity, clean your workspace and focus on things that beautify your workspace.

Delegate tasks

This is not only helpful for businesses but also for the employees. Many managers and efficient employees find it tough to seek help so the top leaders need to delegate tasks. Businesses focus on hiring top-class HR and administrators who are technically skilled to delegate tasks basis their experience and qualification. This will not only reduce their burden but also allow them to perform well.


Kent Paul Scarborough is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a former CEO and knows all about the work culture. These top stress management techniques are sure to reduce the work pressure and help you perform efficiently. Check out more tips and implementing them will assist you in the long run.


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