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Victoria, (AU) 24/ Aust 2022! Not getting adequate sleep can affect your health and overall productivity. Better Breathing Sport: There are a lot of factors that can affect how much sleep you can get—your health status, state of mind, the weather, and most importantly, your sheets/pillow cover. Many focus on the first three while neglecting the last. Your pillow cover can affect both your sleep and health status. It would be best to be mindful of the type and brand of pillowcase you have in your home.

Your pillow cover can affect your body in ways you never knew. Airphysio Some of the materials used in making the different clothing materials can serve as allergens. Allergens are agents that are capable of evoking an allergic response in your body. The allergic reaction can be mild or very severe. Quit risking your health by going for a pillow without good features.

Derila premium memory foam pillows are handcrafted from high-quality, 22-Momma 100% pure Mulberry premium memory foam. These pillows have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are the highest quality and most durable option on the market.

Completely natural and hypoallergenic, these premium memory foam pillows were designed by Derila’s team of experts to make sleeping a dream by amplifying your hair, skin, and overall health. And the best part? They are 100% machine-washable!

Derila Pillows come in a variety of different Chillwell Portable AC options and sizes to choose from. Your Derila purchase includes just the pillowcase, so be sure you have a pillow available to place inside it. You can choose between a standard size pillowcase (20”x26”), a queen (20”x30”), or a king (20”x36”). Color choices range from white to tye-dye, so you’re sure to find one that matches your bedding or style.

Let me tell you, the images online don’t do the Derila premium memory foam pillowcase justice! The Derila Pillow is not only soft and sleek, but it’s beautiful, too! The premium memory foam pillow cover is stunning.

Derila is a relatively young company, Omega Datacube having been founded in 2017, by Edgar Babayan and Vahe Haroutounian in Burbank, California.

The company strived to create the best premium memory foam pillowcase that money can buy, claiming: ‘We just wanted to dream again.’ 

Derila states that the founders wondered why your hair has to be a mess when you wake up, why your allergies act up in bed, and why your skin gets damaged while you sleep. The answer? Derila Pillow.

The company created a 100% pure mulberry premium memory foam pillowcase made of only the highest quality premium memory foam materials.

Derila says that supermodels, hair stylists, beauty experts and dermatologists all agree that premium memory foam pillows are the way forward, and so the company was born!

So, let’s kickstart this review and see what all the fuss is about and if you really need this pillowcase in your home.

Derila Tests

Of course, I want to provide you with an accurate and honest review of this amazing premium memory foam pillowcase, Derila. So I decided to try one out so I can give you the review that you need for you to be able to decide if this is the pillow that you want. I decided to use this case for one whole month so I can truly see the difference.

After a month, I noticed that I had fewer split ends and my hair became shinier than before. Actually, I already noticed the difference in just two weeks of using this case. I also noticed fewer breakouts on my skin, which I loved because I’ve been having issues with it for some time now. But with Derila, I no longer have to worry about it since it is becoming lesser and lesser every single week.

As mentioned above, I also noticed that my rhinitis no longer acts up because of Derila’s hypoallergenic feature. Using this pillow case made my face healthy and look healthier than usual. The glow is also great, it's as if I am using a new product for my skin. Even my family and friends are asking about it, but all I say is that I changed my cotton pillow into a premium memory foam one. When they found out that it’s made out of premium memory foam, there were surprised and hesitant to change because of the price, but I told them that this one is definitely affordable and won’t even burn a hole in their pockets.

Since then, I purchased multiple pillow cases from Derila so each of my pillows has it. I am never going to switch back to the cotton pillow case that I’ve been using before.

Derila Pillow Review: Best Kept Beauty Secret?

Preparing for bed is all good until you wake up the next morning looking like a total wreck.

You have a new pimple sprouting on your cheek, your hair is a complete mess, and you have those crease lines all over your face.

So what was all that effort for? You invested a lot in skincare and hair products only to get the opposite of what you wanted.

If you’ve ever had a long flight on a plane before, then you’ll know exactly how this feels. You have to stay in that cramped space for over 10 hours and get some shut-eye. They hand you out those pillows that they have and you fall asleep, just like that. But the same thing happens when you wake up: you look haggard.

So, how about I let you in on a little secret of mine? I was able to fix both my skin AND my hair just by changing one thing. I started using a Derila Pillow.

Learn more about it by continuing to read our Derila Pillow review.

I also wanted to check reviews online of other Derila users and I wasn’t surprised that see that all reviews are positive. They all loved that glow on their faces every morning and throughout the day since they used the Derila pillow. It’s not actually surprising because it is made out of 100% premium memory foam which is very gentle on the skin.

Some of them also reported that the allergies also stopped when they are sleeping and upon waking up ever since they switched to the Derila premium memory foam pillow case. Just like me, they also love their own Derila pillowcases.

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You can buy this amazing product on the Australian official website. Here is more news/info about the pillow

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