Thursday, December 24th, 2015

Swopstakes, a new wagering game developed by Australian start-up, Six Faces Pty Ltd, won the Innovators’ Circle Award at the 42nd Global Symposium on Racing & Gaming held 7- 9 December, 2015 in Tucson, Arizona.

The competition attracted 89 submissions from 5 continents.

Swopstakes integrates popular concepts from fantasy, fixed odds betting, & lotteries, by offering life-changing prizes with social, skill-based gameplay.

Games can be played on any combination of live racing and sports events with players competing in a head-to-head knock-out to score the major prize.

The unique, multi-event sweepstake element guarantees a big winner in every game, with 1000’s of opportunities for smaller prizes.

Presenting to an audience of industry leaders in a Shark-Tank style pitch-off, Six Faces’ Product Director, Shaun Pyrah, explained:

“Swopstakes employs contemporary game mechanics to repackage traditional wagering for a new generation, a market that racing around the world is failing to attract.”

“We looked at the success of online poker and daily fantasy and asked how can we apply the model to racing and sports betting – how do we make it exciting and feel more like a game?”

“With Swopstakes you get a new genre of social wagering that doesn’t look or feel like a traditional wagering site.”

“For those new to racing the head-to-head format is fun and easy to play, with opportunities to win big prizes based on the result of live events. For existing fans and form students there’s opportunity throughout the game to use your judgment and trade your way to a profit. It’s racing's Survivor meets Deal or No Deal.”

Swopstakes certainly impressed the three judges of the Innovators’ Circle;  John Ford, CEO of BAM Software & Services, Mike Tanner, CEO of U.S. Trotting Association, and John Hartig, Chairman and CEO of the Daily Racing Form.

With regard to next steps Pyrah said:

“Racing is ironically conservative when it comes to product innovation, despite persistent difficulties in attracting a new audience. Swopstakes was developed to help solve this problem and provide complementary content for racing’s social and media channels.”

“We’re thrilled with the momentum provided by the US result and the $15,000 USD prize.  However, it’s critical we convert the win into investment and distribution opportunities."

"We've kicked off a number of discussions in the Americas but no doubt our racing is world-class, and you can bet we’d love to be partnering to launch here in Australia.”



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