Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

NEW YORK, NY, Dec 21, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Boloro, the international mobile payments processing network with expanding operations across 15 countries by the end of 2016, has announced their selection of Ribbit.me's universal blockchain-based loyalty industry platform to provide their merchant partners with a loyalty solution.

Boloro will integrate the Ribbit.me loyalty platform, including LoyaltyNetwork(TM) and SmartRewards(TM) blockchain and smart contract technologies, into its own product offering, effectively becoming a rewards program provider to its own merchant network.

Boloro, with Ribbit.me technology, will now be able to allow all participating merchants the ability to offer their own branded rewards programs. This will give Boloro's network of current and future merchants a significant competitive advantage, both in terms of customer loyalty and in marketing across the Boloro and broader Ribbit.me networks worldwide.

"We wanted a way to further differentiate ourselves as we enter new markets while at the same time help merchants in our network improve their revenues and customer loyalty. Adding Ribbit.me's revolutionary loyalty element to our mobile payments offering is the perfect fit," said Ann Camarillo, Boloro President & CEO.

"Ribbit.me's loyalty platform will allow Boloro to offer something that no one else currently can. Any merchant in their network can independently operate their own branded loyalty program and create dynamic redemption networks with each other at a fraction of the current cost," said Greg Simon, Ribbit.me Co-Founder & CEO.

About Boloro

Boloro is an international payments processing branded network that facilitates fast, secure and consumer-friendly payment acceptance for online/e-commerce, in-store retail, mass-transportation and government bill payments and remittances. Consumers are able to authorize payments using basic or smartphone without any application to download and can debit any account offered by issuers connected to the Boloro network. Boloro is presently operating across markets in South Asia, Middle East and Africa with additional markets preparing to launch in these regions as well as in Latin American & Caribbean and East Asia.

Boloro is owned and operated by Boloro Global Limited, incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in New York, USA. For more information, visit www.boloro.com.

About Ribbit.me

Ribbit.me provides a universal loyalty industry platform using distributed ledger (blockchain) technology. Ribbit.me's patent pending LoyaltyNetwork(TM) and SmartRewards(TM) technologies allow program operators to create and operate complex multi-agent redemption networks in a virtually frictionless environment, more actively and effectively manage total program liability, and offer dynamic and customized issuance and redemption options.

Ribbit.me is incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in New York, USA. Follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/Ribbit.me) and Twitter (@RibbitRewards), or visit www.ribbit.me.

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