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Mobile Applications are written to run on the mobile device or take advantage of existing software on the device such as a web browser. Testing mobile wireless applications has various innate challenges ranging from practical limitations such as hundreds of models of handsets, many network operators, different versions of the underlying software, etc. This makes Testing Mobile Applications a tough job.

For testing these applications, at Spec-India we set the following goals:

• To deliver attractive, useful, working application for as many users as possible.

• To have reasonable confidence in the quality of our application. . Ideally, most of the issues would be found and fixed before the software is widely used.

• To detect issues quickly and report to developers. This helps them to fix the code while they are still familiar with it.

Testing Strategy

As manual testing is very time consuming, we do support the manual testing with use of test automation tools and libraries. We use automated unit tests to test the business logic and the communications libraries of the client application or use automated tests from desktop computers, to send messages and inSpec-Indiat the received messages.

Our experience shows that the testability interface of the software under test needs to be very detailed, correct and complete in order to enable multiple levels of automated testing. If the testability interface is incomplete or not giving detailed information, we consider manual testing to automation.

At Spec-India, we have a framework built on the concept of Keyword as well as Data driven testing and re-usable test components. This makes it easy to build and maintain test suites. Data related to all the scenarios permutations such as device, OS, network and valid –invalid values is generated thru xls or xml files and input to the script. With an automation framework in place we try to make optimum use for regression of all the functional requirements but for UI and rendering related requirements we rely on manual testers.

So at Spec-India for mobile application testing, our strategy is to have a hybrid approach that builds on the relative strengths of humans and automated tests.

Contact Profile

Spec India

Spec India maintains a scalable state-of-the-art 30000 sq. ft. off-shore software development center comprising of a strong workforce of over 175 multi-cultural & skilled professionals, generating revenue exceeding INR 100 million.

We believe in people. Between us and our customers, spread across the globe, we first understand the people expectations on either side. Based on the clarity of expectations we draw up further plans for the core deliverables, creating a synergy between business domain and individuals from technology for a seamless delivery.

We use a multi-dimensional approach to ensure the solutions we build for our clients are robust, scalable and reliable. We aim to consistently deliver business solutions that help organizations focus on their core competencies to achieve greater business efficiency and effectiveness.
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