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Solo Takes Off in Indonesia


JAKARTA, INDONESIA--(Marketwired - December 14, 2015) - Indonesian electronics leader Halo Robotics today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with 3DRobotics (3DR) to distribute Solo -- the world's first smart drone -- which makes its debut in Jakarta today.


After Solo's North American release in April 2015, it was widely reviewed as one of the easiest drones to fly. Indonesia will be the first launch market for Solo in Asia. Solo is the flagship of North America's largest manufacturer of consumer drones, 3DR. The agreement makes Halo Robotics the authorized distributor of 3DR products in Indonesia, and offering full 3DR service centers and customer support directly in Indonesia.


Halo Robotics will launch the drone in partnership with Electronic City, Indonesia's market leader in consumer electronics, making Electronic City the first retail store network in Asia to host 3DR Solo products, with full after-sales support and service for Indonesian buyers.


"Halo Robotics seeks to partner with leading brands in robotics. 3DR products, technologies and software are known throughout the world as setting standards for professional performance," said Eli Mosselle, Director of Halo Robotics. "We're also very excited to work with Electronic City to make 3DR the name customers ask for in drone products."


Solo -- the world's first smart drone -- features powerful capabilities such as fully automated flight and camera control, as well as computer-assisted Smart Shots that make it easy for anyone to get smooth, cinematic shots immediately, without having to be a skilled pilot.


Smart Shots include:

         Orbit Mode

         Selfie Mode

         Cable Cam Mode

         Follow Mode


Solo therefore closes the gap between professional and first-time users, opening the consumer drone market in Indonesia as a new wave of photographers and enthusiasts take to the skies.


Boasting a number of world's first features, the drone is powered by two 1 GHz computers and is the only all-in-one drone currently on the market to offer wireless video streaming in vivid HD from its GoPro directly to the user's mobile device -- at ranges up to 800 meters. 3DR developed Pixhawk, the world's most popular autopilot computer system and also introduced the world to Follow Me technology, where the drone follows the user, keeping them in the middle of the video even as they move around.


"3DR is pleased to add Halo Robotics to its exclusive family of distribution partners. In selecting our partners we seek highly strategic alliances that will not only broaden our exposure, but elevate our brand in the various categories we serve," said Colin Guinn, 3DR Chief Revenue Officer. "Halo Robotics will allow us to expand our reach in Indonesia's vital market and help us continue our aggressive sales expansion."


3DR is committed to helping people see their world from above. A founder of the world's leading open drone software platform, its products for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market range from a line of popular smart drones to the company's Pixhawk universal autopilot platform.


As the leader in free and open source drone software, 3DR applications have been adopted by UAV companies around the world. All 3DR platforms serve as robust tools for data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, inspections, 3D modeling and more. The company's technology is used across multiple industries including extractives, agriculture, construction, infrastructure, search and rescue, and ecological study. There is therefore significant scope for the technology to be transformative across a number of core sectors in Indonesia.


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About 3DR

3DR helps people see their world from above. As North America's largest personal drone company, 3DR is a pioneer in making advanced, easy-to-use drone technology accessible to consumers for a wide range of everyday exploration and photography, and for applications using data analysis, mapping, surveying and 3D modeling for agriculture, construction, infrastructure, search and rescue and ecological study.


3DR was founded in 2009 by Chris Anderson and Jordi Muñoz, and currently operates with over 275 employees in North America and more than 100,000 customers worldwide. 3DR has enjoyed enormous global success with its market-leading APM software platform, the Pixhawk autopilot and Solo(tm): The Smart Drone.


About Halo Robotics

Halo Robotics is a developer and supplier of advanced technology and robotic innovations in Indonesia, and is a full scope service provider to consumers and clients in Asia. As the digital lifestyle becomes a well defined and rapidly growing consumer segment, Halo is the first company in Indonesia that is purely focused on the distribution, service, and development of consumer robotics.


Eli Moselle: A Message from Halo Robotics

In 2014, we observed the digital lifestyle emerging as a salient trend. At the same time, it was clear that Asia would continue to show strong growth, and that Indonesia was uniquely well positioned to become a global leader in this newly emerging technology sector. We saw this as a compelling opportunity to engage the market and drive change.


The strategy is straightforward; our focus is on distribution, service, and support for advanced technology development.


What makes Halo a little different is our commitment to investment in customer service and technology development. That includes a strong focus on our growing team of incredible people and partners that are smart, passionate, and have the vision to be part of this exciting space for the long term. We also continue to develop one of the most sophisticated operating platforms in the region.


Halo is part of the PT. Maste Dayaa group: after 35 years, it is a well established leader in fire safety and steam process technology, with more than 150 technical specialists in offices across Indonesia and Asia. This strong foundation gives Halo access to fantastic expertise, established distribution networks, and unique operational insight into dynamic Asian markets.


An Indonesian company, we are driven by the shared belief that the world is at a critical juncture, and that access to robotics will accelerate efficiency in industries that span the archipelago and effect the region, while also guaranteeing greener futures and better living through advanced technology. In this regard, we strive to support regional communities, education institutions, and associations that are also agents of change.


As both technology creators and creative people, we're deeply passionate about drone technology and aerial video, so we are looking forward to celebrating our community of Solo owners as they create Indonesian content with this amazing tool.


Eli Moselle


More information on Halo's commitment to safety and corporate responsibility can be found on our website: www.halo-robotics.com.


Halo Robotics on Social Media



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UAV: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle#Definition_and_terminology


Halo Robotics YouTube Channel:


3DRobotics YouTube Channel:


LinkedIn: https://id.linkedin.com/in/elimoselle


GoPro: https://gopro.com


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Embedded Video Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ2g9lzCoGY

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