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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a high and heavy toll worldwide. In connection to this, Hi Quality Turf prioritizes the health and safety of customers. The business is open and taking extra miles in making sure of the total well-being of clients and staffs and management as well.  


 According to Hi Quality Turf website ( "Our business is open, and are taking additional steps to ensure the health and well-being of our customers, staff and partners. We are following all Government instructions concerning personal hygiene and social distancing." 


The company already implemented several internal measures considering factors like travel restrictions, strong, hygienic standards at all personnel and facilities. Digital arrangements and conferences are adopted for other colleagues and clients to limit personal contacts. While the management and the entire team is fully functional and is working in the overall pace of maintaining health protocols, customers are assured of safe transactions. 


Though the Covid-19 limited the workforce, they have flexible delivery options. With that, Hi Quality Turf is thoroughly working the delivery services of the company among all other suppliers' while maintaining good transport of products. When it comes to onsite services and pieces of advice, it is fully operational, but with the standard health, protocols observed. The management created a team that will go around in all onsite transaction and assure that all are physically fit and healthy.  


As many other companies are experiencing currency and market fluctuations, Hi Quality Turf is also affected by the necessary steps and provisions that are implemented by the government. 

The company is persevering in maintaining order sales and intakes to make sure that liquidity and balances are all safe. The current situation is undeniably out of our control. In various ways, it affects the company, but the management keeps pressing forward while submitting to authorities and making sure of healthy and secured development. 


Hi Quality Turf maintains its position of bringing extraordinary services with the necessary facilities to cover this term changes in business and market capital. With the uncertainties stemming by Covid-19, you are guaranteed of a well-managed business arrangement. 


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Hi Quality Turf from Sydney is Open for Business in relation to COVID19 and Implementing Lockdown Protocols for Safety



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