Monday, December 14th, 2015

Many Australians are favouring a ‘clear conscious’ approach to household cleaning, with Canstar Blue’s first home cleaning product awards dominated by environmentally-conscious brands.

Earth Choice, from Natures Organics, has picked up three out of the six awards on offer. Orange Power, from Aware Environmental, claimed another.

Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle, said consumers demand effective cleaning products, but they also like the feel good factor that comes with buying environmentally responsible brands.

“There may be a perception from some consumers that environmentally-friendly cleaning products don’t pack the same punch as others, but these results suggest they can be just as effective,” she said.

“Ultimately people want cleaning products that deliver what they promise, but if you can get those results and have a clear conscious, then even better.

“Consumers are becoming more conscious and concerned about the products they use, whether they want to save the planet or just protect their family. Those who buy these environmentally-conscious brands are clearly getting a feel good factor from their purchase, but they’re also getting great cleaning results.”

The Canstar Blue ratings are based on a survey of 3,000 Australian adults who have bought and used various household cleaning products in the last six months, with more than 20 different brands compared across six categories.

Earth Choice topped the table for both bathroom cleaners and toilet cleaners, and also shared the award for multipurpose cleaners with Nifti. Earth Choice cleaning products are made with plant-based ingredients and their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Orange Power took the title for carpet cleaners. Its carpet and upholstery cleaner is made using orange oil and is Planet Ark accredited.

Other awards went to Easy Off for oven cleaners, while ALDI Powerforce and Pledge shared the title for floor cleaners.

“Some brands, particularly Earth Choice, scored consistently well across several categories,” added Mrs Doyle. “These results provide a helpful insight into which products consumers rate highly and those that are deemed to be lacking.

“There is no shortage of options when you walk around your local supermarket, so consumers can afford to be choosy. Environmental-friendliness is an appealing point of difference.”

About this research

Canstar Blue surveyed 3,000 Australian consumers in November-December 2015. The ratings are based on the results of 2,144 consumers who bought bathroom cleaner, 2,199 who bought toilet cleaner, 1,353 who bought floor cleaner, 1,931 who bought multipurpose cleaner, 781 who bought oven cleaner and 632 who bought carpet cleaner in the last six months.

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Canstar Blue was launched in July of 2010 by CANSTAR - Australia and New Zealand’s premier researcher of retail finance information for more than 350 institutions across the finance sector. Canstar Blue measures and tracks Australian and New Zealand consumer satisfaction across over 100 different categories to help consumers make the best purchasing decisions for their needs.

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Canstar Blue researches, compares and rates products and services according to customer satisfaction across categories including banking, telecommunications, appliances, electronics, utilities and FMCG. Results are freely available to consumers who are encouraged to use the ratings as a guide to product excellence. The full range of results can be seen on the Canstar Blue website at

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