Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Xware (Main Office: Tokyo, Japan) has released its app SmartMenu in Australia. SmartMenu is a digital menu for iPad that translates and displays menus in 12 different languages.   




SmartMenu Official Site:

Company Background
Xware first released SmartMenu in October, 2013, domestically in Japan where it was particularly welcomed in tourist-heavy regions, now having over 1,300 registered users. SmartMenu allows restaurants, cafes, bars, and the like to translate their entire menu from English or Japanese into 12 different target languages. Through this translation service, SmartMenu aims to dismantle language-barriers between customer and server, and allow us to connect cross-culturally over that one universal love; food.

What is SmartMenu?
SmartMenu users can translate their restaurant’s menu into 12 languages just by registering said menu on the SmartMenu website.  The translated menu is then available as both a digital menu and a printed menu, and can also be viewed online. Users can also assign multiple photos and videos to specific menu items, giving their customer’s a greater understanding of the food being prepared for them.

SmartMenu in English
SmartMenu features an online Control Screen, where users can add, edit, and delete registered menus. These menus are then viewable from the SmartMenu iPad app in any of the 12 target languages. As SmartMenu was originally designed for domestic use in Japan, these features required users to work in Japanese. Now, SmartMenu is entirely English-compatible.

How to Start
SmartMenu is free to use—just follow the link below.

Company Information

Company Name: Xware Corporation ( )
President: Kazutoshi Takimoto
Address: Kotobuki Bldg., 4th Floor, 1-11-1, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Founded: 28/3/1995
Capital: 10,000,000 JPY (Approx. 111,000 AUD)
What we do:
  • Base enterprise (High-reliability system planning and development)
  • System development outsourcing (everything from web to core systems) 
  • MOMONGA Smart Solutions (


For enquiries related to our services:

Xware Corporation
Representative:    Shuntaro Kanekiyo
Mail:                      [email protected]

Contact Profile

Shuntaro Kanekiyo

P: 03-3474-0760


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