Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Introducing Neurogym

We supply evidence-based home exercise prescriptions and online Continuing Professional Development for health care practitioners, and fitness and Pilates instructors.

For Practitioners and Instructors – prescribe researched, professional home exercise programs to your clients for quality extended home care.

Earn points quickly and easily online – accredited by major industry bodies. Neurogym Continuing Professional Development aims to help practitioners simplify the way exercises are prescribed to patients and clients.

Neurogym was developed to improve access to high quality scientific analysis of exercise advice, and to present it in a professional and easy-to-follow format.

We have comprehensively reviewed the available research over several years across a range of disciplines – to provide clear and simple evidence-based, best practice home exercise instructions for the benefit of patients and clients of all musculoskeletal, health and fitness practitioners and instructors.

Neurogym also emphasises the connection between the brain and the body, drawing on the expanding research field of neuroplasticity, which looks at the changing nature of our brains and its strong connection to the process of exercise.

Neurogym breaks it down in a way your patients and clients can understand. By going back to basics with evidence-based, clear and concise beginner and intermediate level exercises, Neurogym builds patient and client confidence, education and compliance. Keeping it simple leads to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

These days, our clients expect much more than unprofessional handouts made from photocopied textbooks and stick figure diagrams. Now you can throw them out. What you give to your patients to take home is a reflection and extension of your professionalism.

Our research has shown that home exercise instructions are often unclear, incomplete, unreferenced and unnecessarily complicated. We have distilled this sea of information into exercise prescriptions which clearly demonstrate the safest and most effective exercises for common complaints.

Neurogym is the result of a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary review of the highest quality research in the fields of neuroscience, manual physical therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, Pilates, yoga, gymnastics and weights training. All research is fully referenced in the practitioner notes for each exercise prescription.

Fully referenced supporting practitioner notes;
– Clear instructions on when to prescribe
– Concise teaching points
– Key teaching phrases
– Contraindications
– Evidence
– Neuroscience
– What to tell your patients for the best effectiveness, extended care and compliance

Neurogym is not ‘just another App’. We supply printable exercise prescriptions to fit into the time pressure of your client appointments…there is no need to login and fiddle with tablets, computers and apps whilst consulting.

Our research indicates patient compliance is higher when instructions are provided in printed form. Exercise prescriptions can also be emailed to your clients.

Neurogym exercise prescriptions are designed for all abilities and ages, including young and old. We break it down into bite-sized pieces by going back to basics. Neurogym doesn’t require specialised, expensive equipment to perform. Our exercises are kept as simple as possible to be easily performed within an average home environment.


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