Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Australia is leading the world in organising a global summit to address the urgent issues associated with uncontrolled migration.

With the theme "Risks, Policies, Solutions", the World Summit on Uncontrolled Migration (Adelaide, March 8, 9) will be opened by His Excellency William Lacy Swing, the Director General of the International Organisation for Migration, based in Switzerland.

Summit Convenor Mark Ryan said that the complexity and scale of the global migration issue has caught world leaders unprepared. 

“The world is witnessing leaders move from one extreme to the other, from the generosity of the German people to the razor wire being erected between friendly States,” Mr Ryan said. 

“Current policy guidance is lacking as the numbers of migrants continue to grow rapidly.

“This is a humanitarian, security, demographic and economic crisis of the highest order, one which will only be exacerbated with climate change, as populations move from one country to the next in the hope of new beginnings, safety and prosperity.”

Mr Ryan said that Australia was well placed as a hub for global discussion. 

“Adelaide, in particular, is seen as one of the safest collaborative high tech environments in the world and has been specifically chosen as the location for this timely World Summit,” he said.

“Through its Sovereign Borders policy, Australia is the only nation to have an effective policy to counter uncontrolled migration via the water. 

“Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia are all experiencing mass people movement making this issue the highest risk for policy makers and leaders – they must get it right.”

Mr Demetri Papademetriou, President of the Migration Policy Institute Europe, said that a new paradigm of migration policy instruments, for the current crisis and the future, would be realised as the outcome of this World Summit in Australia.

“We will have some hard hitting and robust closed door workshops with key policy makers, thinkers and experts to think outside the box and to generate new strategies that will work for different parts of the world,” Mr Papademetriou said.

“We have to be rational about the subject - if we do not think hard and have a variety of options then governments will fall.”

The latest disruptive innovation in creating policy breakthroughs will be revealed at the Summit.

“New fields of research will be very innovative in policy evolution and we will be revealing the latest developments at the World Summit,” said Dr John Bruni, Director of SAGE International.

Mr Ryan reiterated that uncontrolled migration is a global humanitarian issue.

“Governments are currently ill equipped to cope with the scale and complexity of the movement,” Mr Ryan said.

“Refugees fleeing war-torn countries, or simply seeking far better opportunities, will turn to countries that offer a perceived abundance of hope and prosperity.

“The Summit will develop effective policies that leaders can use in attempting to solve issues and risks associated with uncontrolled mass migration.”

To participate in this crucial discussion, visit http://www.uncontrolledmigration.com/

Contact: Mark Ryan, Convenor of the World Summit on Uncontrolled Migration 2016, on 0411 060 632; email [email protected].

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World Summit on Uncontrolled Migration

The first World Summit on Uncontrolled Migration - Risks, Policies, Solutions will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, on March 8-9, 2016.

There are 23 million people in the world officially classified as refugees or living in ‘refugee-like’ situations – an unsettled population roughly equivalent to that of a medium sized country. Over time, a combination of poor governance, war, conflict, political oppression and economic disadvantage is likely to increase this number.

National governments are trapped. Do they protect the security, liberty and rights of locals first? Do they open their borders and absorb more unsettled people – potentially taxing local infrastructure, resources and thereby risk existing living standards? Whose responsibility is the security, liberty and rights of unsettled populations?

This World Summit will be a catalyst to realising policy and strategies that will work.

Leila Henderson
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W: www.uncontrolledmigration.com


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