Monday, December 7th, 2015

Australian Startup Disrupting Online Food ordering with On-Demand Food Delivery Service.


Ordering food online is easier and more fun than ever in South East Melbourne, Australia.  Innovative on-demand food delivery service Run My Food, which many are calling the “Uber for food delivery” is providing a quick and easy way to have food delivered from any nearby takeaway shop. Users simply jump on the website, and order food from any nearby restaurant or fast food takeaway and get it delivered in under 60 mins with real time tracking.


“Online food delivery in Australia is very limited in terms of getting what you really want and spending more money than you really want to spend” commented a spokesperson from the company. “You shouldn't have to choose something else over what you really wanted to eat just because that restaurant doesn't deliver or because they have a minimum order.”


Run My Food's CEO and founder Sukhraj Singh said, “Traditional food delivery websites or apps are merely a Bridge between a customer and a restaurant. Once you place your order its entirely up to the restaurant if they want to deliver your food and when. Whereas Run my food allows you to have full control on what you want to eat and where you want it delivered without having to spend any minimum amount.”


According to the company, Run My Food promises delivery in under an hour, with the average delivery time currently being 28 minutes. There is no minimum amount for the delivery, so you only pay for what you really want and you can track your delivery in real time to see where your delivery is. 


The service is currently live in Cranbourne, Dandenong, Narre warren, Lynbrook and Lyndhurst and expanding aggressively towards other suburbs with a vision to serve other states soon. 


Users have given the service very passionate feedback.


Melissa C., from Dandenong, recently said in a five star review, “I never thought i would be able to order a Subway while at work and have it delivered for the lunch break. I am in love with this website already.”


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Run My Food

Run My Food is an OnDemand food delivery platform that enables user to ortder food from any local takeaway, fast food or high end restaurants without having to worry about the minimum order amount. Run My Food is aiming to save the users on the extra money they spend today trying to order food online because of the minimum order amount as well as trying to save the wastage of the extra food ordered in the process. A user can simply jump online and choose from all the local takeaways and pay for the food they want. A user can then track the delivery in real time to know exactly where the delivery is and when to except it, which is another problem with todays online food delivery services. 


Sukhraj Boparai
M: 0450060035


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