Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Australian adventurer and founder of 25zero Tim Jarvis has successfully summited Mount Stanley in Uganda, the second equatorial glacial mountain he has tackled during the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris. 

Since beginning this series of climbs two weeks ago, Tim Jarvis has sent images out – directly into COP and via social media – showing the effects of climate change first hand, melting glaciers, in an effort to encourage a binding and meaningful agreement on climate change. 

Having originally planned to climb Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, Tim will now set out to instead climb another Ugandan mountain, Mount Baker. Renowned mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien will take the lead on climbing Mount Chimborazo and capture images on behalf of 25zero.

O’Brien is a British-American mountain climber, explorer, public speaker and former business executive.  She is best known as 2015 Guinness World Record holder for climbing the Seven Summits in 295 days and The Explorers Grand Slam in 11 months.

Tim Jarvis said: “This is the 21st year of COP meetings. We cannot go on to allow climate change to go on unfettered as we have over the last two decades. We need a meaningful agreement signed by the 11th of December. It needs to be equitable, and it needs to really count this time." 

For more information on 25zero and Tim Jarvis’ COP21 expedition visit 25zero.com.   Full media kit available from here

For interviews contact Caeli Keating + 61 413 908 633, [email protected] 




Hunwick's Ladders - Mount Stanley Summit from 25zero on Vimeo.

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Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity.
Melting glacial ice is one of the clearest indicators of this complex issue. Nowhere is it more apparent than where you’d least expect to find ice – at the equator. There are now only 25 mountains with glaciers at the equator Within a quarter of a century these glaciers will be gone due to climate change - in some cases, far sooner.
Put simply: 25 Mountains. Zero latitude. 25 years. Zero ice.

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