Friday, January 18th, 2008

Today six million $ women were recognised for their innovation, creativity and transformational impact by being awarded the inaugural 'IT's Million $ Babes' Award.
From personality cloning, launching petitions, to jewellery, balancing the books, improving project performance and programming these Million $ Babes have carved niches into their chosen markets and excelled using a variety of Oracle, Linux, Apache, Php,.Net, Microsoft SQL, to web 2.0 social networking technologies. They run multimillion dollar technology businesses.
The inaugural winners are a fabulous mixture or new web entrepreneurs, software developers and database management experts - a great cross blend typically representative of the industry. They range in age between 20's and 40's.
The winners are:
Vanessa Brewis: CEO - Taurus Software
(Taurus delivers comprehensive web-based project, contract, tender and works management solutions).
Liesel Capper: CEO - My Cyber Twin
(My CyberTwin creates an artificial intelligence 'clone' of themselves, My Cyber Twins live on Social networks, normal corporate websites, and inside virtual worlds like Second Life).
Lisa Fletcher: CEO - b-Free
(b-free is a revolutionary friendly accounting software that automatically prepares your accounts and BAS from your online bank statements).
Raeleen Gillett: CEO - Octahedron
(Octahedron develops innovative comprehensive and powerful jewellery management software. From business intelligence to customer marketing, stock control and sales).
Julie Irwin: Executive Chairman ADB Group
(A-DB Group of Companies provides application development and database administration solutions).
Danielle Lehrer: CEO - GO Shout
(Go Shout is a social Web 2.0 application that lets people publish and promote their own petitions or polls on important social issues or issues that affect their daily lives).
We are in a world where to make a positive impact on the rapidly declining numbers of girls and women taking up technology studies and careers we need both traditional intervention programs and innovative different approaches. This is an approach that presents technology role models as the creators of productive and financially successful innovative firms. Proving that ICT is really about Innovation, Creativity and Transformation.
The "IT's Million $ Babes" Award is about recognising women in IT who run multi million dollar technology businesses. They are the creators and innovators and by so doing have achieved financial success and are living their life dreams and helping transform the lives of others.
The "IT's Million $ Babes" Award demonstrates that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in smart technology savvy women.
The key criteria is
· The business must at a minimum be 50% owned by the female nominated.
· The females nominated must be the entrepreneurs behind the business (not hired staff) they are to be the producers responsible for innovation, creation and transformation
· The business must have a revenue per annum of at least $1 million dollars, or to have raised > $1 million in investment funds.
· The business is to be classified as technology based eg: software development, web enterprises, databases, project management.

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