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Mindfulness Merges into Business Leadership Landscapes

AmCham Partners with Mindful Leadership Expert and Master Teacher to boost leadership in Australian Business Community


SANTA BARBARA, California, Dec. 3rd, 2015 – “The mindfulness of a leader shapes the entire climate of an organization”, states Dawa Tarchin Phillips, founder and CEO of Empowerment Holdings LLC, as he explains the core concepts driving his California-based business. Phillips trains top international leaders and executives in scientifically based transformational mindfulness practices that promote greater focus, awareness, freedom, wellbeing, and success in their businesses, personal lives, and the lives of those around them. Recently, Phillips formed a partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia to spread his teachings of mindfulness and transformation in the workplace to top leaders across the Australian continent.


An advanced meditation practitioner of over 20 years and a published scholar, Dawa Tarchin Phillips has married three unlikely fields— contemplation, science, and entrepreneurship.


Through his findings as a mindfulness and meditation expert and research specialist in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Phillips notes how mindfulness, or being fully present in each moment, can help to reduce stress and transform culture and productivity in workplace settings.


Recent studies show that 65.1% of Australian employees report moderate to high stress levels, and 41% experience psychological distress levels considered to be “at risk”, with trends rising (WHAA). Yes, Western-culture is achievement driven, but it doesn’t need to be plagued by stress and frustration.


One of Phillips’ key missions is to help executives reduce stress and tension by empowering them to take control of how they react to the present moment. “Our clients learn to positively respond to challenges of the present moment with wisdom, ease and effectiveness” says Phillips. Thus, a trickle down effect emerges that soothes crazed employees and fosters an environment for creative thinking and clear decision-making.


The ultimate objective? To develop more self-aware leaders who understand themselves, their values, and how to more effectively and wholesomely achieve their goals in leadership positions.


About Empowerment Holdings LLC:   Launched in 2007, as a response to the economic crisis, Dawa Tarchin Phillips and his team guide clients to recharge, refocus and reach their full leadership potential. Phillips works alongside and has gained endorsements from giants in the leadership field, including best-selling author Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Daniel Goleman, author of New York Times best-selling Emotional Intelligence.


Colleagues and new acquaintances gravitate towards Phillips' intelligent yet centered spirit, words of wisdom, and welcoming smile. An emerging partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia opens the doors for future breakthrough seminars and retreats to be held in Australia in 2016.


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