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Chief Technology Officer and expert blockchain development specialist Nadeem Shaikh of Blockchain Australia joins forces once again with renowned growth hacker Ralph Kalsi of the leading blockchain solutions organisation Blockchain Australia join forces once again and launches new groundbreaking crypto payment platform Payscript.

The technology that Payscript runs on is blockchain which is a revolutionary technology with several amazing features and holds the potential to transform every industry, especially finance. It is powered by the decentralized network where transactions are verified by clusters of computers all over the world operating on a peer-to-peer basis; under control of no central authority. It also provides several security layers with separate public and private keys and addresses for users along with immutable data storage, all of which work together to build a strong and quite an unbreakable shield against hackers.

Developed by a team with years of experience and a strong background in Fintech, Payscript promises to be the world’s most robust wallet - with a premium single point reference for merchants and customers for all their transactions. It harnesses the power of cryptocurrencies, to enable super-fast transactions with meagre processing and transaction cost. As it operates on a decentralized platform powered by blockchain, it offers immutability, complete transparency of all transactions, and at the same time, immense data security. The team is so confident that they use the wallet for their own crypto assets. Payscript offers more than just an easy way to make payments; it secures each transaction. What is more, it is designed to protect you from the fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin and other crypto coins, so you don’t have to worry about the price volatility of the crypto market.

The founders of the company, Nadeem Shaikh and Ralph Kalsi, have been active in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for several years, and for all those years they have been working passionately to resolve the issues of the world with the use of this technology. A professional growth hacker and former managing director of the prestigious digital marketing company One Stop Media, Ralph Kalsi, commenced his journey of blockchain with his own Ralph Kalsi Blockchain Consultancy. After a few years of focus on business consultation and tangible growth of the technology in the market, he decided to collaborate with other great minds in the industry and begin blockchain solutions company, Blockchain Australia. The organisation is committed to Blockchain's ever-expanding market, its multi-sector applications, and the development of tailored and optimised solutions for its customers. This is the place where Ralph Kalsi came across the technology evangelist Nadeem Shaikh who is one of the most versatile solution developers in the blockchain industry. He specialises in a variety of skills like developing, modifying, debugging complex software applications aligned with critical business requirements; and is the leading mind behind the blockchain solutions offered by the company.

Thus working separately as well as together in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for several years, and conducting extensive research on consumer preferences and market analysis, the founders, Ralph Kalsi and Nadeem Shaikh discovered a gap between the merchants accepting cryptocurrencies and the owners of cryptocurrencies, which has been hampering crypto adoption.

“Due to a lack of easy-to-use, trustworthy crypto payment gateways, the majority of merchants are forced to stop accepting cryptocurrencies as payments.”

That is when the concept of Payscript was born with the aim of solving this issue. Both the merchant and the owner benefit with Payscript which offers easy and secure transactions, with a plethora of choice of cryptocurrencies. It will support Bitcoins, Ethereum, and 20+ other coins, all of which you can send and receive through the Payscript wallet itself, and even exchange crypto-coins between various wallets themselves. As a matter of fact, via this gateway, cryptocurrency can even be converted into regular currency. Overall, Payscript offers you full control over your cryptocurrencies, invoices, payments, transactions, and even bank settlements; all in one place, right from the comfort of your home. All of this you get in a beautiful, smoothly running and interactive interface; providing advanced user experience.

The use of Payscript has a clear advantage over competitors who are not offering cryptocurrencies as a payment option. A recent study has found that the lack of payment options leads to around 28% of customers leaving the shopping cart without making a payment. Payscript shows huge promise in resolving all the issues thus faced by the merchants and the customers, and we hope that the path of simple and seamless transaction it is paving will lead to a global and borderless economy powered by crypto coins soon enough.


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The two virtuosos of the blockchain world, Nadeem Shaikh and Ralph Kalsi, team up to launch a brand new crypto-based payment gateway, Payscript, resolving a wide range of issues with crypto-transactions.




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