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Boardgames Australia Announces The Best Games of the Year

What better way for families and friends to enjoy each other’s company over this holiday season than by playing a fun board game together? But it has to be the right game…

Each year Boardgames Australia play-tests hundreds of games to discover the best games in three categories: Best International, Best Australian and Best Children’s Game.

“We look for board games that will keep all the players interested and involved for the whole game, that are well-made and designed, that are novel, easy to understand, suit a range of ages and can be played over and over”, explains BGA chairman Richard Vickery. “But the thing that matters most is a game that delivers a fun social interaction, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing. That’s the bottom line.”

Forget Monopoly and Scrabble, today’s board games are a whole different beast. Take the 2015 BGA International Game winner, Sheriff of Nottingham. In this hilarious game, players take turns being the sheriff and catching merchants trying to sneak illicit goods into Nottingham. It’s a game of crazy deals, wheedling, bluffing and skullduggery. Runner up in the International category is the beautifully made Camel Up, in which players bet on camels running a chaotic race around a pyramid.

Children’s Game winner, Doodle Quest, is a unique drawing game suitable for families with children over the age of six. Players look at one of the puzzle boards and then draw lines, dots, etc. on transparencies hoping to achieve various objectives when those transparencies are laid over the boards. Loads of fun and a huge hit with children.

Sushi Go took out the Best Australian Game award. It is a highly addictive card game that captures the tantalising choices of the sushi train. The cards go round and round as players choose a dish from their hand to keep and then pass the rest of the cards onto the player next to them. Fast-paced, with every player involved 100% of the time, this clever winner is another great example of how far card games have evolved since UNO.

This is just a tiny taste of the newer style of board games currently on offer. So entice your children, or other family members, away from computer games and get them back playing with real human beings with these entertaining new games. You’ll have a ball.

The Boardgames Australia website ( has a comprehensive list of retailers around the country, as well as previous years’ winners lists and many other game recommendations.

For more information, photos or an interview with BGA spokesperson, comedian and raconteur Tommy Dean, please contact Carol Witt at [email protected] or ph. 041 424 7495


The Best Games of the Year


Best Australian Game

Sushi Go



Francis Drake

Pack of Heroes


Rise to Power


Best Children’s Game

Doodle Quest

Best International Game

Sheriff of Nottingham


Camel Up

Machi Koro

For further recommendations, the winner of the Best Australian Game for 2014 was Relic Runners, Best Children’s Game for 2014 was The Three Little Pigs, Best International Game for 2014 was Bruges.

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Boardgames Australia Announces The Best Games of the Year



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