Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Homeowners and investors all around Australia are now able to take advantage of the massive financial rewards that come with home staging, thanks to an upgraded interactive internet site from the Australian leader in the field.

Houses To Impress has launched its Sold For Top Dollar Transformation Package, a program named after the highly-successful book written by the company’s mother and daughter team of Charyn and Kate Youngson. It is an Australian-first service that can be accessed in all areas.

Whereas the book gave readers a clear insight into home staging as well as an entertaining yarn, the Transformation Package goes a step further and guides clients through the program with personal and professional input.

Expanding on the information in the book, the package looks at proven home staging methods such as de-cluttering, neutralising, furniture placement, finishing touches, minor upgrades and street appeal – all the things that add tens of thousands to a home’s value at sale time. The brainchild of Charyn Youngson, who has gone from unemployed single mum to industry authority within five years, the Houses To Impress home staging methods pay for themselves many times over simply by presenting a house to look its very best.

“It’s amazing how many people don’t even think to present their house in the best possible light and how many real estate agents tell them to sell it ‘as is’, without any improvements,” Charyn says. “That’s the worst advice you can ever receive. But once you’ve decided to stage your house, there are some basic skills not need to be used.

“Many people think more is better but it’s usually the other way around. Buyers don’t want to see pictures of you and your kids and your pets, and they don’t want to see every ornament you’ve ever bought. They want to see a stylish house, well presented and without clutter, and we help them achieve the best look for the specific house.

“We’re proud of the fact we’re the first home stager to offer a national service. We can help people all over Australia, and those people in the regional areas who usually miss out on these types of services can now access this low cost advice.”

Charyn says her clients generally gain an increase of at least 10 per cent - or tens of thousands of dollars - at sale time after staging their home correctly. She says home staging brings in more potential buyers, which increases the chances of a sale and give the vendor the best opportunity to achieve the best price.

More information about the Sold For Top Dollar Transformation Package is available on the website and choosing the “our services” link.

Further information, phone Charyn Youngson on 0411 441 038 or Shane McNally on 0412 956 615.

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