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Ralph Kalsi of the prestigious Australian firm Ralph Kalsi Blockchain Consultancy begins 2020 with the launch of autonomous company Blockchain Australia Solutions in order to delve further into the field of blockchain technology and its applications.

With years of experience in digital marketing as the Managing Director of One Stop Media, Ralph Kalsi entered the field of blockchain in 2016 and within just three years, took the company to a leading position in the highly competitive world of blockchain in Australia. Blockchain Australia Solutions is dedicated to the ever-expanding industry of Blockchain, its applications in various sectors, and developing customised and optimised solutions for its clients. The organisation provides a wide range of services from helping develop Blockchain Strategies, commodifying real-life assets like art, venture capital funds, and real estate into security token offerings (STO), to supplying Blockchain-powered solutions specific to an industry and a company. The organisation aims to transform businesses, industries, and our society as a whole with its innovative approach towards various problems while offering creative solutions based on the revolutionary technology of blockchain.

Blockchain is a brilliant piece of technology that is transforming one industry at a time. With the decentralised network, extreme data security, and several other amazing features it possesses, it shows the promise of massive applications in a number of sectors. In the highly evolving digital world like today’s, the technology may soon devour several businesses and the new normal will develop to look quite different. Ralph Kalsi, an expert growth hacker himself, started in the field as a consultant for blockchain with his own Ralph Kalsi Blockchain Consultancy and was quick to realise the immense potential of the technology. Combining his own expertise with some of the best blockchain developers, cyber consultants, and advisors in finance, law, and marketing in the country, he took the company to new heights while maintaining a consistent growth record. So in 2020, he finally decided to focus completely into this technology alone, and came out of the field of digital marketing, bidding farewell to One Stop Media.

Blockchain Australia Solutions has built connections throughout Australia as it partnered with companies from various backgrounds. It has its spread into the finance sector with a partner like Fintech Australia which makes full use of blockchain technology in order to create an Australian Fintech ecosystem to advance the global economy and culture. Blockchain Australia Solutions has created ties with one of the most esteemed software firms of Australia like R3Corda which is also in the business of utilising blockchain technology to resolve specific business challenges in both dynamic and highly regulated markets, together with providing industry-specific distributed ledger technology for all forms of companies in all sectors. This blockchain company founded by Ralph Kalsi also secured its position as one of the elite members of Blockchain Australia, whose sole purpose is to work as a community for generating awareness about the potential of blockchain technology, as well as to engage with stakeholders in the government and other regulatory bodies. As the government of Australia pretty recently announced National Blockchain Roadmap steps for its 5-year plan for taking this technology even further, we anticipate more involvement from the members of this association and hope to see more blockchain-driven outcomes in the world in the very near future.

Blockchain Australia Solutions continues to lead the way in blockchain construction, Smart Contracts, and Cryptocurrencies as a fervent pioneer of national blockchain formulation and adoption. Moving forward, we expect an even bigger growth trend from this organisation now that it is a fully-fledged autonomous company, bound by no limits.


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Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia Solutions are the leading agency in blockchain application and development in Melbourne, Australia. Our blockchain consultants have years of experience and can provide tailored services for organizations and businesses. We provide many highly specialised services including blockchain wallet development, which is vital to businesses online.

Blockchain Australia Solution is a blockchain marketing agency that specialises in implementing and developing blockchains. Blockchains are digital ledgers that stores and distinguishes every transaction and user. At Blockchain Australia Solutions we have a team of digital blockchain consultants that can help you and your company with every detail of our blockchain application and systems.

We have spent years developing our blockchain services so that they can be implemented in every industry possible. Our professional blockchain consultants have practised in providing end-to-end initial coin offerings and security token offerings for a variety of industries. Additionally, our experts have developed smart contracts, automated billing systems and blockchain POC (proof of concept) systems to cover all of a business’s needs. More importantly, our digital blockchain consultants are well versed in cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) and cryptocurrency wallet development and can ensure programs that are comprehensive and user-friendly to maximise transactions.  You will not find a more experienced and professional marketing agency in Melbourne that is experienced in blockchain solutions. Get in Touch by calling … or email us today.

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Ralph Kalsi retires from the field of digital marketing to completely immerse himself into the development, consultation, and more innovative applications of blockchain technology by making his company Blockchain Australia Solutions completely autonomous.




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