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There’s a lot of information online about the latest phenomena in the beauty and body shaping world, with the use of Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) for the treatment of cellulite and the non-surgical removal of stubborn stomach fat, but what is the truth about these machines and how do they work. Recently I sat down with Michael Langdon, the CEO of one of Australia’s leading machine suppliers, and asked some probing questions.

Hi Michael, thanks for joining me today. Now in brief can you quickly explain what Acoustic Wave Therapy is?

Certainly David, so Acoustic Wave Therapy is the modification of shock wave therapy (ESWT) commonly used in pain treatment. The AWT machines produce acoustic waves that are introduced to the body via the machine wand (similar to an ultra sound wand) for dermatological and cosmetic applications, such as cellulite treatment and fat reduction.

So what are the advantages of AWT over other treatment regimes, particularly for cellulite and the reduction of stomach fat?

Well the most important thing is that the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. Essentially it’s like having an ultra sound. The AWT wand is focused on the treatment areas for 5-10 minutes and a typical session to treat several target areas around the stomach and thighs might take a total of 20-30 minutes. 

It’s simple and convenient and your client can return to their normal daily routine immediately after treatment. And you start to see visible results after 3-4 treatments which is excellent for customer confidence.

AWT improves blood flow to the treatment area and breaks up fatty tissue and so it has the ability to tighten skin, reduce stretch marks and scarring, and assists in the removal of subcutaneous fat.

That’s well answered and I think speaks to the market perfectly. Now your company represents a brand of Acoustic Wave machine produced by Storz Medical. How are the Storz machines any better than the competition?

Well David, Storz is the world leader in both AWT and ESWT and their machines command 60% of the world market, which tells a story in itself. But essentially the Storz machine has more penetration depth and higher energy density levels than any of their competitors, which just leads to even faster results for the client. Fast results build additional consumer confidence in the practice, which can only lead to increased revenue for the business owner.

So, for anyone considering the purchase of a Shockwave Machine, what sort of investment are they looking at and what type of ROI can they expect?

Great question David, and the options are many, but to keep it simple a progressive business could enjoy returns on investment as much as 300% per annum with the convenient D-Actor Table Top system with a starting price under $21,000. We also have joint venture plans which allow a business to Pay As You Go, thereby preserving their business capital.

So in summary Michael, what are the key points that practitioners who are new to AWT should keep in mind?

I think that regardless of what brand a business chooses, the fact is that adding an Acoustic Wave Therapy machine to their business will open up untold possibilities in revenue, by being able to offer the treatment of a diverse range of conditions including cellulite reduction, body shaping and fat reduction, all in a non-invasive, non-surgical methodology that is fast and efficient with almost instant results. This keeps the clients happy and sets up a referral model that keeps bringing business back to the practice over and over.

Thanks Michael, so we are in challenging times right now and owners might be reluctant to go into capital expenditure. Do you offer any assistance in this regard?

Yes David, there are 2 very important offers on right now that help clients get into a new machine. The first is a direct discount from us, and between now and the end of this year (December 2020) we are offering up to $1200 off the price of a new machine. That is a great incentive right there, but what is even more important is that the Australian government has extended the tax right off program until the end of 2020 as well, so any capital purchase of this nature can be completely written off in the current tax year, and the full 100% of the cost claimed back. But of course, the decision making process should always be driven by what the machine will do for your business and with case studies showing that a machine can typically give you 3 times your investment back in the first year, owning an Acoustic Wave Therapy machine is a no-brainer. It just elevates your business to a new level in the beauty and wellness world.

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