Saturday, November 21st, 2015

STUDENTS from The Actors’ Hub Gap program are about to show off their skills in What Lies Beneath – and auditions for next year’s course are now open.

Through focused training and support, The Actors’ Hub helps professional-minded actors, whether beginners or seasoned professionals, deliver consistent performance outcomes to achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

The Gap course has been created to bridge the gap into the industry, offering numerous performance opportunities and training from nationally and internationally-recognised teachers.

What Lies Beneath features The Actors’ Hub second-year Gap students – after a year of studying and challenging the foundations of acting, they work with industry professionals on performance projects in their second year. 

Directed by Amanda Crewes and Ella Hethertington, it is their fourth performance project for 2015.

What Lies Beneath is an extraordinary exploration of the powerful emotions we hide beneath the surface when pushed to our extremes,” Crewes said.

“This creative approach is guaranteed to give you a different perspective on what is going on behind the facade of normal we often see in others, as we delve into passions, delights, fears, desires and frustrations on a journey to find the individual talents that lie within each of us.

“Everyone is born with extraordinary capability – so what happens to all that talent as we bump through life, getting by, but never realising our true potential?”

Crewes said performance experiences such as What Lies Beneath gave Gap students the opportunity to test what they are learning in the classroom.

And with The Actors’ Hub’s connections to the industry, she said 77 per cent of students go on to find employment.

“Performances form such an essential part of their training,” she said. “The second-year projects are each designed to give students a real experience of what it’s like to work with a production team to put on a show to industry standards.

“They are not only required to demonstrate mastery over their craft but also mastery over the management of the product – which is themselves. 

“Many a great acting career has come to an end due to personal mismanagement.”

With What Lies Beneath, Crewes described the show as a physical theatre piece.

“It is hard to explore the content any other way,” she said. “The physical demands it places on the actors is quite challenging and an exciting part of the project. 

“My co-director Ella Hetherington is such an exciting physical theatre practitioner to work with.”

Auditions for The Gap start in December – for more details go to, email [email protected] or call 6143 3568. Scholarships are available.

What Lies Beneath plays at 7.30pm November 27 and 28. Tickets are $25, $20 concession – book at or call 1300 792 012.

The Subiaco Arts Centre is at 180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco.



WLB1: The Actors’ Hub Gap students Danen Engelenberg, left, Jordan Holloway, Ashana Murphy, Adam Droppert, Justin Gray, Angela Mahlatjie, Quaid Kirchner and Emma Harvey are appearing in What Lies Beneath.

WLB2: Emma Harvey and Jordan Holloway from The Actors’ Hub Gap program explore emotions under the surface in What Lies Beneath.

WLB3: Gap students Jordan Holloway, left, Angela Mahlatjie, Adam Droppert, Justin Gray, Danen Engelenberg, Quaid Kirchner, Ashana Murphy and Emma Harvey explore what lies beneath in The Actors’ Hub’s latest production.


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"It has long been recognised that without a permanent company few actors can thrive indefinitely. The art of acting is in some ways the most exacting art of all, and without constant schooling, the actor will stop halfway." (Peter Brook)

In response to this understanding, we have established The Actors’ Hub, a new centre for excellence in performing arts.

The Actors' Hub provides ongoing support for actors to develop their skills whether they are currently working within the industry or working their way into the industry.

It is our aim at The Actors’ Hub to keep our work relevant and in response to current industry trends, demands and opportunities.
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