Friday, November 20th, 2015

After what has seemed like a long winter, many of us are looking forward to the summer season and some of us might be confronted with an uncomfortable truth when we look in the mirror.

What happened to my swimwear? It was good last year, but somehow it doesn’t fit anymore.

Don’t panic because there is still some time to do something about it.

The Virtual Gastric Band may come to the rescue.

Clinical hypnotherapist and weight loss expert Jozef Lehotsky said; “The people who I am helping with weight problems fall into two distinct categories.”

“In the first category are people who are generally happy with their lives, but have developed some unhealthy eating habits.”


“They’re trying very hard to correct this, but usually after their willpower wears off, they just slide right back into old habits. The result of this type of behaviour is called the yoyo effect, which usually, in the long-term, is accompanied by gaining even more weight.”

Most over-weight people fall into the second category.

These are the so-called emotional eaters, because they use food as a kind of band-aid to cover up some emotional pain or needs.” 

Mr. Lehotsky pointed out:

“To make permanent changes, you have to treat the reason for emotional over-eating.” 

“People’s emotional hurts are most of the time created in early childhood and stay hidden deeply beyond our awareness. When they are triggered, they come to the surface, 

bringing with them those unpleasant feelings of emptiness, not being good enough, not deserving or not being loveable.

“The secret to weight loss is to focus on the real issues and forget any quick fixes.”

“At Kookaburra Advanced Hypnotherapy, we are using a proven and very effective  

program called The Virtual Gastric Band.”

“As we are all aware, gastric band operations are performed quite routinely these days on patients who are unable to manage their weight by any conventional means.

“In essence, the same principle is used by Sheila Granger, a prominent hypnotherapist who has received global recognition for having developed the first hypnotherapy-based weight-loss program, which is fully backed by clinical trials. 

Sheila is the only hypnotherapist in the world to conduct clinical trials for weight loss via hypnotherapy.

The first trial resulted in 24 out of 25 participants lose an astonishing 68 kilos in just 5 weeks.

This remarkable outcome attracted the attention of a General Practitioner in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England. 

The second trial was conducted with 12 of his patients who had been removed from the UK’s National Health Services Gastric Band waiting list due to a lack of funding.

 Again, 95% of the group reported positive results.

The feedback from these trials is that this hypnotherapy program is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain’, turning off cravings, whereby people naturally eat only until hunger is satisfied.

Mr. Lehotsky stated that “each session is individually structured to release negative 

emotions, limiting self-beliefs, fears, stress or anxiety, and even depression in the following ways:

  • Discover and resolve the root cause of the problem: Our subconscious mind holds all our memories, emotions, values and habits. By directly accessing the subconscious mind, we can re-train the brain, so it can serve us in a more positive and productive way.
  • Discover subconscious strategies for bad eating habits: During our lifetime, we have all developed unhealthy habits which are played out on a subconscious level. By learning how they work, we can effectively change any unwanted behaviours.
  • Helping people to re-connect with their natural resources: We all have the ability to use our own resources and resolve any situation in our lives. By re-discovering and re-connecting to those resources, we empower our patients to take responsibility for their lives. This way, people can be more in tune with themselves which allows them to make decisions in their lives that are right for them. 
  • Create new neural pathways to support a healthier lifestyle: As part of The Virtual Gastric Band program, every person will receive a hypnotic CD to listen to. This 

     process will create a new belief structure, which will allow people to develop healthier 

     eating habits. For this reason, the weight loss achieved is permanent, because proper

     nutrition becomes the way of the life.    


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Kookaburra Advanced Hypnotherapy

Life is a roller-coaster ride of vicissitudes.

Time and again, I have encountered hardships, but given my background of self-development, I have successfully learnt to overcome whatever problems life has thrown at me.

It’s not that I’m a genius. It’s just that I have mastered the art and science of dealing with negative thoughts and emotions to make me a better person. I have learnt to tap into the immense power of Hypnotherapy.

The biggest problem in any circumstance isn’t the pertinent issue at hand. It is how you deal with the problem that will either make you a victor or failure in your life’s pursuits.

What I usually first ask of my clients is to be sure of the problem holding them back in their lives. Is it sleeplessness, weights loss, addictions, or something else? Failure to identify the need to be solved only leads to a waste of time and money.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science and Certified Practitioner of Resource Therapy.

I endeavour to keep abreast with whatever developments transpire from the network of the best post-graduation education system, and also from hypnotherapists in Australia. This includes what is happening around the world. This way, I am able to constantly update my knowledge and have access to the newest and most advanced healing techniques.

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